Easy, Sturdy, Wooden Box





Introduction: Easy, Sturdy, Wooden Box

Here is an easy to make wooden box. You can keep things in it or, give it to a friend.



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    unfortunately the gap don't have a purpose. Just bad cutting skills

    This is the worst, and the best, Instructable I've ever seen. Do the gaps in the particle board serve any purpose other than design?

    Hi clenseyourpallet,

    Okay I will. thanks for the positivity!!!

    That is one fine looking box you have there. Would love to know how it was made.
    So for your next instrutable (which I know will be great) just take some pics while you are making your project so you can explain how you made it. Welcome to the community, you are going to have a great time making and sharing

    hi ngadhno

    this is my first instructable. i am still figuring out how to use this website.

    sorry that this is not described.

    Hi seamster,

    I used 3 inch wood screws.

    Four 2 by 4s and some other wood i can't remember it's name.

    i also used 2 hinges

    This doesn't look like an instructable at all.

    This looks simple enough.

    Can you explain a little of how you put all the pieces together, though? (Screws? Nails? Glue?)