Picture of Easy Summer Scarf Top
With just a few quick cuts and a couple of seams, you can make your own super easy and pretty summer top from a scarf!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Here's what you need:
-Large scarf (mine is 26" (66cm) square, but you can go bigger if you want)
-matching thread
-1 metre (39") of ribbon, lace, or trim for straps (not shown)
-sewing machine

Step 2: Making the top

Picture of Making the top
Fold your scarf diagonally, right sides together.  Sew a seam on each of the open sides.  Along the top leave an opening of 15" from the right corner and along the side, leave an opening of 7".  I stitched inside of the borders because I didn't want a big white line down my front.  Listen to your fabric and decide how wide or narrow to make your hems, anything goes~

If you're larger on top, adjust these measurements to suit your body.  You may want to leave larger openings at each end.  Experiment by basting your stitches first to see what fits you best.

Step 3: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
Cut your scarf down the diagonal.

Step 4:

Picture of
Open out your scarf and press the seams.  You'll end up with some little bits sticking out the ends of your seams.

Step 5:

Picture of
Just trim them back to match the edge of your scarf.

Step 6: Hemming

Picture of Hemming
Hem the raw edges that you cut.  I just did a rolled edge but if you're not comfortable with that or don't have a machine that can do rolled edges just zigzag or serge, turn, press, and stitch down a narrow hem.

Step 7: Straps

Picture of Straps
The last thing to do is to add your straps.  You can use ribbon or lace or anything at all.  Just cut your 1 metre of whatever you're using in half and attach each end to the corners at the front of your halter.

Step 8: Tah Dah!

Picture of Tah Dah!
scarf top 10.jpg
And Voila!  There you have it!  A new, and super cute halter for summer!
maltesergr82 years ago
Very nice!!