Picture of Easy Summertime Bag
Recycle embroidery hoops and an old scarf to make a new and stylish bag for the summer!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Here's what you need:

-Embroidery Hoop
-Hemp twine
-Glue gun and Hot glue sticks
-Thread, tape measure, sewing machine, pins, scissors

Step 2: Making your Bag Handles

Picture of Making your Bag Handles
Separate your hoops so that you have two and tighten the one with the screw as small as it will go.
(I'm using 10" (25.5cm) hoops, but you can use any size.)

Step 3: Handles con't

Picture of Handles con't
scarfpurse 4.jpg
Run a bit of hot glue down the centre of your hoop and start wrapping your hemp cording
around it.

Step 4:

Picture of
In very small sections, add a bit of hot glue to the inside of your hoop, and wrap the hemp cording tightly around.  Keep the glue on the inside.  It will seep through a bit and is less noticeable when it's only on the inside.

You can get really creative and use macrame knots instead. Or, if you're really industrious, try embroidery thread. It comes in way more colours, but it's much finer, so you'll need a lot more.

Secure the end of your cording with the glue and set aside.

Step 5: Making the Bag Body

Picture of Making the Bag Body
Fold your scarf in half and then fold the long edges over about 2.5" and press.

Step 6:

Picture of
Now, most patterns will tell you to sew your sides first, but if you do that you'll have a very difficult time sewing your circular handles onto your purse, trust me, it's not fun.  The first one will go on OK but the second one will have to be handsewn, and then it will look wonky because they're different.

Soooooooooooo, leave your sides alone for now.

Pin the edge you just pressed around one of your covered hoops.

Step 7:

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Sew each edge down, keeping your hoops to the left of the sewing machine and far away from your needle.

Step 8:

Picture of
scarfpurse 10.jpg
OK, now you can you sew your sides together.  With right sides together, sew your scarf together, leaving approximately 4" at the top separated.  If you go too close to the top it will be difficult to open your purse.

Step 9: Finishing

Picture of Finishing
Remember one of your hoops has a little closure on it, so slide it around until it's hidden inside your fabric.

Guess what...That's it!  You've got yourself a new bag with one of a kind handles!

For more fun scarf recycling ideas come on over to http://etcetorize.blogspot.com~
That is a genius idea.
That's a gorgeous bag - very smart using the hoop as handles. :D