Easy Sushi Cake Recipe

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Introduction: Easy Sushi Cake Recipe

Super easy recipe that is great for parties! Unique & different from traditional cakes and is sure to draw attention!!

Step 1: Ingredients

1. Japanese short grain rice ( Cooked)

2. Sesame Seed

3. Sakura Denbu ( Fish Powder for sushi )

4. Nori (Seaweed)

5. Crabstick

6. Cucumber

7. Avocado

8. Salmon

9. Fish/Prawn Roe

10.Sushi Vinegar


Step 2: Recipe & Preparation

1. Halve the cooked rice. Mix Sakura denbu (pink rice colour) into half of rice and sesame into the other half.

2. Dice cucumber, crab-stick and avocado into smaller bits and mix in Nori and mayonnaise.

3. In a Springform Cake Tin, compress a layer of the pink rice followed by the diced mixture then add in a thin layer of roe and Nori.

4. Top it up with the sesame rice and compress again, wetting spatula as it gets sticky.

5. Finally decorate the cake with toppings of your choice.

6. In this instance, we used sliced Salmon, crab-sticks, avocado and Fish Roe.

7. A little wasabi to pack a spicy punch!



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    This is great! So unique :) Do you just cut a slice of it to eat it like you would with a normal cake?

    Yes you can slice it just like a normal cake! If you compress it well it will be really compact and sturdy :)

    That is a really interesting idea. And it would save a lot of time rolling individual rolls.

    Appreciate your comment! Many people find this recipe very different and it's a really good conversation starter haha :)