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I will show you how to create sweet, little designs! They are super easy and fun! And you can use them for almost anything!

      -A poster 
      -Valentine Card
      -Thank you Card
      -Images inside Binder Pockets (If you use binders alot, you'll understand this.)
      -A Gift
      -A Background/Border For a Photo
And there's so many more! Use your imagination.

Click the "Next" Button if you want to continue. (;
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Step 1: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started
Things you will need:
        -Index Card of any size


Step 2: Background

Picture of Background
Use the markers to color a background.  You can look at some of my examples for ideas, you could use these, or you could use your own.
_____     ______            ______       ______     ______         ______
/\/\/\/\/\/\|   |{*}--{*}--|          |~~~~~~|     |=/=/=/=/|    |----------|       |       \     | 
/\/\/\/\/\/\|   |--{*}--{*}|          |~~~~~~|     |=/=/=/=/|    |----------|       |        \    |
----------   -----------            -----------      -----------     ----------        -----------

Step 3: Sketch

Picture of Sketch
If you want to use text, you might want to use a pencil to sketch out the words first.  Then, you will trace the sketch with the markers.  

*I changed colors to make the background stand out.  See the Pictures to see what I mean.

Step 4: Viola!

Picture of Viola!
And Viola! You are done!

Don't forget to comment, subscribe, and check out my other instructables! I will post more pictures and design ideas in the near future.  

Thank you for checking out my instructable, and God Bless. (:
TSC3 years ago
star_above_the_clouds (author)  TSC3 years ago
Thank you!
Your welcome!

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