Picture of Easy Swimming Bag

I got fed up with transparent PVC bags that show the world what you take with you when swimming (and mine still had the Tweenies on - the boys wouldn't use it anymore!).  This bag comes out of less than 1/2m (or 1/2 yard) of oilcloth/PVC coated cotton.

On the inside there is a pocket for your watch and other small items, a keyring loop so your keys don't fall out and on the outside I have put a small transparent pocket for my pool membership card so I don't forget it.
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
1/2" yard  or 0.5m of PVC coated cotton/oilcloth (I chose a fairly floppy oilcloth so the top would draw shut more easily)
A piece of see through PVC a bit bigger than a credit card
1" (2.5cm) piece of velcro (sew-in is best for this)
6" (15cm) piece of 1" (25mm) wide twill tape
1 keyring
2 yards or 2m of cord (cut into 2 equal pieces)
sewing machine
marking pen or pencil
6 eyelets (optional)

Step 2: Cut out the pieces

Picture of Cut out the pieces
I wanted my new bag to be a little bigger than my old bag, so allowing for seams, first I cut across the width of the fabric at 16" (40cm) and then I cut the overall length at 42" (106cm).  This should give me bag with finished size about 15" x 19".

From the offcuts I cut a piece 6" x 5" (15cm x 12.5cm) - this will be the inside pocket.

Cut the clear vinyl at 4" x 3" (10cm x 7.5cm)

Step 3: Prepare the sub units

Picture of Prepare the sub units
Turn under the edges of the pocket piece and sew down all around, on the wrong side sew one part of the velcro centrally just below the top edge.

Slip the keyring onto the twill tape and sew across as close to the keyring as you can.

yomofomamma9 months ago
nice one super simple and good idea! Is it waterproof I want to make the same sort of bag. for use during my open water swims. can i take the material from something existing to recycle it?
knektek4 years ago
OMG! I have the same tweeneis bag!
lizzyastro (author)  knektek4 years ago
I bet you're not as old as me though :-)
Nice work, as always.