Introduction: Easy Swing

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I'm going to show you step by step how I made my own swing.

So the first thing I did was drawning some swings. Don't think abouth how u should mannufacture it.
Just draw an awesome looking swing!

Step 1: Sketches

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Here are my first drawnings there are some easy ones but also some really tough ones!
So the next step is to pick your top 3 best swings.

Step 2: Choose

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I choose to drawn these with more details so I could take a look which one is really the best one to create!

Step 3: The Best

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I picked this one.
I think this swing is a fun concept and I have a lot of freedom to make this.

Step 4: Get It All

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Now u have to know how u are going to make this swing.
I saw some kind of net in the local store and I taught it would be perfect!
Also I'm useing a typical beach ball, one u can fill and defill easy with air.

Step 5: Height Adjustment

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For the height adjustment I'm keeping it simple.
A robe with at some places a knot.
With help of the carabiner I can lock it in the knot and easily adjust the height!

Step 6: Swing!

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Once it's all done u can go outside, pick a tree with a good branche and.... swing!

Step 7: Final Changes

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Becouse I didn't like the look of the swing I changed some small things.

First of I bought a white robe, smaller carabinders and a bigger (and better) ball.

Also I add some pipe insulation for the middle to keep it nice and clean.
It's also better to hold on to with ur hands!

Step 8: Enjoy

This is the video I made introducing my swing !!


kindergrove (author)2017-03-23

A friendly suggestion I have for you is to use a spell checker for your instructions. You could also use a dictionary or to look up any words that you aren't sure about. The spell checker will also catch any words that you know how to spell but have simply typed them incorrectly by mistake. Please do not take offense to this advice, it is only meant to help.

seamster (author)2014-12-31

Nicely done. Thanks for sharing this!

MatisBruggeman (author)seamster2015-01-06

Thanks and no prob!

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