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I have been less than successful with finding good, quick, and easy sword-making instructions, and I wouldn't be surprised if other people have had the same experience. And even if you haven't, everyone loves swords, right? So here are a couple of my designs, and one design that I swiped. Enjoy!

Step 1: Cardboard and duct tape: Uber-easy

Picture of Cardboard and duct tape: Uber-easy
I decided to start with the easiest one. This is pretty obvious, but it's still fun. They're also great 'cause they're quick and disposable (that means you can throw them at your friends, and it's okay if you don't get them back). Also, if you use enough duct tape, they wont hurt... very much.

- corrugated cardboard
- duct tape (Question: is it duct tape, duct-tape, or duck tape?)
- sticks, rulers, pencils, etc (optional)

1) Cut out a basic sword shape from cardboard, then trace it and cut it out again. (That'll make the sword sturdier)
2) tape the two pieces together
3) (optional) re-enforce the sword with sticks, pencils, or something similar (you can find the weak points by wacking it around a bit)
4) cover the whole thing in tape to pad it (safety first! --especially 'cause it's got wooden bits sticking out) and to make it nice and shiny
5) enjoy!

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Rambo5562 years ago
it is duct tape, but I say it duck tape.
Sweet. Im doing a project for school and i will be reanacting a blacksmith. This is a very simple yet good looking sword that will insure i get a good grade.
PKTraceur6 years ago
Duck Tape is actually a brand name of tape, designated on the inner cardboard roll its around, showing pictures of ducks. (Heh Heh, Howard the Duck review...) The difference between duct tape and duct-tape is really a matter of preferance, but since it is a noun including two semi-adjectives, it is most properly Duct-Tape. Hope that helped, -RoAr
I always thought it was originally "duck tape" as it was used in military applications such as fighter planes that were painted "duck blue". Then after the war it was used in (WW2 I think) they realised it was a good thing and so renamed it Duct tape to make it marketable to civilians. You are also right that there is now a brand with little ducks on the inside of the tubes. But when you think about it why ducks?
it's duct tape because it was originally created for qiuck temporary duct repare
Zilduli jokerlz6 years ago
From my understanding, the tape was originally used by the military in WWII to keep moisture out of their ammo cases. Because the tape sheds water like a duck's feathers, it was referred to as "duck tape". Also, because the tape was developed for the military, it was military green as opposed to silver. After the war when the housing industry was thriving, it was discovered that the tape worked very well for joining the ductwork or heating and air conditioning systems. Due to this newfound use, the tape's color was changed to silver and is now referred to by many as "duct tape".
Kazeem jokerlz6 years ago
Why ducks? because i used to think that 'Duct tape' was actually spelled 'duck tape' i didnt know that it was 'duct tape' until i was about 8 :P Maybe the guy who started the company had that confusion aswell...
I dont think about ducks. I think about tape, silver, etc.
Scratch that grey

Ian1246 years ago
this looks pretty fun to make!
Whaleman7 years ago
Did you get his toys?
threecheersfornick (author)  Whaleman7 years ago
What? I'm confused. Did who get who's toy's?
I am confused too. I am pretty sure you said something about someone promising you toys or something. But then again, I have been having many hallucinations lately.........
threecheersfornick (author)  Whaleman7 years ago
Didn't mention 'toys'... searched the page for it with ctrl+f... nothing comes up. :S
Yeah, I don't know what is up. I don't even remember posting that comment. But I do remember something about toys, but that was in a dream about instructables (I know that is odd), and I do sleepwalk, so it could be possible that I posted that comment while sleepwalking after having a dream that you mentioned toys in this instructable....
ok well im guessing you saw the thing on the pic that says "we kidnapped santa"
thought youd post a comment asking if he got santas toys then didnt remember why you posted the comment, am i making sense? anyway, just my theory =P
That must be it! I'm not as insane as I thought...
No, your not making sense. What "thing on the pic"? What "pic"? I don't see this...
yeh im bad at explaining things sometimes =P the picture on step one has two little yellow boxes, the smaller one saying "woops theres my foot" and the other one says "i made this for a skit in grade seven, We kidnapped santa"
McGyver26 years ago
I like how you made all these designs you made, but have you thought about blacksmithing one or carving a few?... Ado it all the time, to do this picture the sword in your head and then start making it.
Its duct tape because it used to be used to seal the gaps in heating DUCTS, but it didnt seem to hold up to 300 degree temperatures that well (GASP!!! DUCT TAPE'S ONE WEAKNESS!!!). Then handymen found out it worked great for everything else!
jw95117 years ago
not bad:)
Camisado7 years ago
This is very,very good. a very creative idea. good job!
aaronb5257 years ago
this one is my favorite
qwerty902107 years ago
once my bros (actual relatives) and I made swords from palm tree branches and rope make from the leafy things
threecheersfornick (author)  qwerty902107 years ago
Instructable please?
i really dont remember how we did it but they hurt like h-e double sippy straws
threecheersfornick (author)  qwerty902107 years ago
Now I'm really confused.
sorry i was quotein the simpsons but remeber some palm trees have spikes on the side
duct or duck ins both people in the army usen on the ducks and found it worked well on ducts
Xellers7 years ago
Did you know that there are instructables on how to make real swords? That's probably why so many people have visited this page. Please make an instructable about this that is original and creative. I'm sorry to say this, but this instructable is basically about duct taping random things together and using them as swords.
threecheersfornick (author)  Xellers7 years ago
Yes, I did know that there are instructable on how to make real swords -- and if I had the time, materials, and money, I would use one of those Instructables to make a sword... but this Instructable is for people, like me, who don't have the time, materials, or money to make a real sword, and just want something half-decent to wack their friends with. As for the creativity of my instructable, I don't understand your complaint -- only one of my swords was "stolen" from another source, and even then I adjusted the instructions quite a lot. If you are talking about the pool noodle boffers (for which another instructable exists), I would like to say that I invented those myself, years before Instructables even existed. That said, thank you for your comment, and thank you for being polite about it.
gatorfan947 years ago
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Haha that made me laugh. So I'll give you 20 exclamation marks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its Duct Tape and good instructable.check my pg and leave a comment there.
the weapon7 years ago
I think its a great idea to make a cheap good sword, good job.:)
threecheersfornick (author)  the weapon7 years ago
Allonsy7 years ago
u know u can also make easy wooden ones... u just get 2 pieces of wood, one 4 hilt and one 4 blade and nail em together. then u cover it in duct tape or paper mache or sumthin like that. and then you paint it sum color u like. i made a sword like that for a viking project at school and it looks pretty good. now if i could only find it and take a pic of it... its not 4 fightin tho, just 4 show.
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