Step 4: Newspaper sword: Pretty easy

Picture of Newspaper sword: Pretty easy
This is the one I swiped. I got it from a kid's craft book and tweaked it a bit. This one's my favorite (I like the noodles too).

- newspaper
- duct-tape
- a ruler or a meterstick or a coathanger

1) take a few sheets (3-6 is probably about right) and roll them into a tube
2) flatten the tube and tape it up so it doesn't unravel
3) fold one end to make a point. I folded it into the sword, 'cause I felt like it, and maybe it made it stronger. Try it that way, if you can figure out what the heck I'm talking about.
4) roll a tube of the same diameter as the previous one
5) flatten the new tube and fold it in half
6) cut the tube if it looks like it's too wide to be a hand-protecter-thingy (hilt? or is that the handle?)
7) tape the tube onto the tube. Put one half of the fold on either side to make it sturdier. (That makes no sense. Look at the picture.)
8) slide something up the bottom to re-inforce it. I used half a meterstick, but you could also use a ruler or a bent up coat hanger if you don't happen to have half-metersticks lying around
9) tape the bottom so the re-inforcement doesn't fall out
10) (optional) cover the hole thing with duct tape
11) read the comics!
McGyver26 years ago
I like how you made all these designs you made, but have you thought about blacksmithing one or carving a few?... Ado it all the time, to do this picture the sword in your head and then start making it.