Did you know that you can make a stylish loose summer t-shirt from an old XL-sized T-shirt?
Here is how my vintage oversized T-shirt looked past 30 minutes.

You can also find the tutorial in my blog: http://thethings-we-do.com/easy-t-shirt-makeover/

Step 1: Materials

- Big t-shirt (make sure it is loose on you and has a cool print)
- Scissors
- 2 buttons
- Needle with a thread
- Sewing machine (optional)
- Pins
I love it!
You could enter this in the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Scoochmaroo-Challenge-T-shirt-Mods/">T-Shirt Mod Challenge</a>!&nbsp;
Thanks for the advice, but it seems that I`m a bit too late - the contest is already being judged.
Shoot, you had until midnight PST. Well, keep your eye out for the next one!
Definitly! Thanks!
Very cute. Thanks for sharing. <br />Sunshiine
Thank you! Glad you like it :-)
Very cute! Love the buttons. :D
Thanks! I love them too! :-)

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