Easy Taqúitos





Introduction: Easy Taqúitos

Step 1: Materials

You need a/some;
Oil (I used olive oil)
Chicken (cooked or not, I used not)
Tools you will need include:
Deep frier (i used a mini one)
Spatula and/or two forks
Frying pan if you got non cooked chicken

Step 2: Prep

First fill up and then turn on the fryer, and then cut the chicken into strips, and if you didn't get pre cooked chicken, cook it. My technique is to put oil on the pan and just lay the chicken on the pan till it's cooked, turning it every minute or two.

Step 3:

Get the tortillas and put the cooked chicken on them, it has worked best to make it about two fingers wide and tall. Then roll and lay each one in the baskt until it is full. If they are not gently pushed together they will float up and come apart. I left them in for half to a full minute, and then flipped them. Which you would not need to do if the oil fully submerged them.

Step 4:

Eat them. Mmmmmmmm.

I am not responsible for any thing you do.
And remember to make sure the chicken is fully cooked.

In the end I have to give credit to my dad for telling me to get off my lazzy butt, and my mom for helping me learn to cook.



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    Whatever you want, tell me if it's good.

    Nice. I'll have to try this. Would shredding the chicken and adding cheese be an option?