Introduction: Easy Technique for Bootloading Atmega328pu and Atmega328p-pu# Xolcano

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it is very difficult to bootload Atmega chips when you don't have proper knowledge about device signature ! each chips are associated with its own the beginning I found very difficult in uploading bootloader file to Atmega 328pu and Atmega 328p-pu , although their are many different methods are already available in Internet ,it is tedious job for me to follow those methods so I found one easy method since it is similar method for all the the chips ..!! so letz get started

Step 1: Components Required !!

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1) arduino uno
2) avr programmer (200inr)
3) Atmega 328pu/ P indicates Picopower !!
4) few male to female jumpers

Step 2: Wiring Arduino Uno to AvR Programmer

Picture of Wiring Arduino Uno to AvR Programmer

Arduino ICSP has 6pin and Avr programmer Has 10pin in it , now you have to carefully connect the pin as per the 2nd diagram

arduino (6pin)----------- 10pin on AvR

MISO(1) -------MISO(9)
GND(6)------------GND(4,6,8,10)use any pin

Step 3: Downloading AVRDUDESS and Arduino 1.0.5 Software

Picture of Downloading AVRDUDESS and Arduino 1.0.5 Software

AVRDUDESS software


select programmer on top corner Here
select "Any usbasp clone with correct VID/PID "

and Press "DETECT" on the Right hand side !!

their you will get ...the MCU which you have connected on the arduino uno..

then on "Flash" option select the hex file from arduino software


and check Write option and then click Go

wait for few seconds

now your Atmega IC has successfully programmed ...!!

you can use this procedure for other ic also ..

Thank you, if you have any doubt please leave a message at the comment section ! I will reply within a day ..


ArifSae (author)2016-03-12

check the last part, its quite easy (probably because done it 2 times :P ) still.

No need to even remove arduino chip, saves a lot of hassle. Made a 16Mhx and 8Mhz arduino ( bootloaded and uploaded sketches)

ArifSae (author)ArifSae2016-03-12

tried on ATMega328P

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