Easy Three Ingredient Berry Cobbler

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The truth is – I am a busy mom.
I try to make dinners that take less than 30-minutes start to finish and have as few ingredients as possible. “But what about dessert?” my family asks me....

I originally got this recipe from a good friend of mine (with four children) and never looked back after I learned about it. I make this dessert for friends, family, potlucks, birthdays (my dad seriously asked for it for his birthday), and just to use up those blackberries we grow in the garden.

The cool thing about this recipe is that you ~almost~ can't mess it up (other than burning it by leaving it in the oven too long.) I wouldn't call that "science" but there is a science to having a quick and easy dessert that is still delicious and everyone loves.
(OK - Maybe everyone I know loves it!)

Also, I have experimented with both fresh fruit, canned fruit, and a mixture of our fresh backyard blackberries with frozen fruit. The recipe still stays the same with whatever combo of fresh, canned, or frozen fruit I add to the dish.

Please enjoy and make sure you wash your hands!
(Feel free to post pictures on comments please!)

***~~~Thank you to everyone who Pins this, tweets it and finds it on Google. This Instructable is my most viewed and it was never featured! Thank you, thank you, thank you!~~~***

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Would cherry chip cake mix be ok to use?
jo19603 months ago
I meant to say instant white chocolate pudding
DeandrasCrafts (author)  jo19603 months ago

And how did it go.... I'd like to know if adding any kind of pudding was good. Did you add it to the cake mix or use it in leui of cake mix?

I was wondering can you use fresh berries instead of the frozen
DeandrasCrafts (author)  DakotaM21 month ago

Yes. I have made this recipe with fresh berries and another one with fresh apples. Both came out just as fantastic. Thank you for asking!

jo19603 months ago
I put some instant white in there and I think I may have screwed up it hasn't come out of the oven yet but I probably should have put a little more butter and there. :(
Dani8293 months ago

I needed a fast cobbler for Thanksgiving dinner and this was a hit!!

Instead of yellow cake mix I used Krusteaz Almond Poppy Seed Muffin mix without the poppy seeds and it was a great taste combo!

It's in the oven now...although I used salted butter by mistake. I tasted the "dough" before going in oven and tastes a little salty...but I'm optimistic that the sweetness if the berries will balance it out. And...some vanilla ice cream of course! Happy Thanksgiving :)
DeandrasCrafts (author)  shelbykfigueroa3 months ago

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Thank you!

LoriE14 months ago

I wanted to make a cobbler and it occurred to me that someone has probably done this with a cake mix! (first I looked at all the ingredients and noticed they can be similar. Then I googled the thought and here you are! I have a sugar free cake mix that I am going to try it over apples. I'm thinking it might take about 45 min. in my oven and I am sure it is going to be great! THANK YOU, and happy Thanksgiving!

DeandrasCrafts (author)  LoriE14 months ago
Happy thanksgiving to you too!!! I have an apple cobbler that worked as well. I'm on my mobile so I hope it comes out -here's the link for the apple cobbler with cake mix:

I am cusrious if you coulkd use strawberries with this.

mel.weissman17 months ago

Delicious! I melted the butter completely and then mixed in the cake mix. I then covered the berries and baked it in a 9 x 13 metal pan for about 30 minutes. I've attached a photo.

DeandrasCrafts (author)  mel.weissman17 months ago

Beautiful! Thanks for posting!

awesome used blackberries we picked

mmarie1410 months ago
I just made this. I have it in the oven as we speak. My cake mix came out like dough instead of crumbles. I hope it comes out good. I just pulled the dough apart and put it all over the berries. Has this happened to anyone before?
DeandrasCrafts (author)  mmarie1410 months ago

How did it go.... And yes, you would pull the dough apart and put it all over the berries. It's cake mix so you really can't go wrong with the flavor. (I don't think.)

=) Let me know or even better, add a photo!

It went well. I tasted a small piece (as its for after dinner) and it was good. Where would I upload a photo of my computer?
DeandrasCrafts (author)  mmarie148 months ago

I know this answer is really later, but there is an "add images" button on the comments when you hit reply. I'm glad it came out good for you!

Making this tonight -- can't wait! I love the simplicity -- and I'm sure it's delicious. Thank you!
I love this recipe. I used a pastry blender to mix the cake mix and butter together. I don't like getting the mixture under my fingernails.
Wow that sound so great I'm going to try it I can't wait
I made this for a dinner party with neighbors last night and it was huge hit!! I added about a cup of chocolate chops with the berry's and sprinkled some sugar on top of the cake mix just for some added decadence:) I'll be making this again and trying other fruits!!! So glad I found your recipe!!
DeandrasCrafts (author)  MariaRomero1 year ago
Thank you for sharing! I am so glad you enjoyed it and sugar on top would be awesome! =)
bubbe35531 year ago
This is a recipe that needs some help. I loved the 3 ingredient idea, but it needs more. The cake mix and butter mixture leaves a bitter taste.
DeandrasCrafts (author)  bubbe35531 year ago
I'm really sorry you feel that way, but my family loves it!
I hope you can find something on Instructables that will be more to your liking. As you can see from other comments, other people enjoy it just as much as we do.
Have a great day! =)
So would canned peaches work just as well as berries? Still about 4 cups?

Sorry... I am not good at cooking...
DeandrasCrafts (author)  blindinglights2 years ago
Absolutely! I would use two of the large cans of peaches in either light syrup or in their own juice. You don't have to really measure the fruit, just cover the bottom of the pan. Don't be sorry; I always use recipes! I personally have never been good at making recipes up. Please let me know how it works out for you! =-)
Thank you!! I actually just ended up with (waaay more than 4 cups haha) of fresh blackberries and remembered this recipe! It turned out DELICIOUS, especially with some vanilla ice cream on top :)
DeandrasCrafts (author)  blindinglights2 years ago
I am so glad to hear that! Especially the comment where it is easy to remember the recipe. Thank you for sharing with me!
Kaiven2 years ago
Great recipe, I'm making my second black berry cobbler now from wild berries behind my neighborhood. It tastes pretty sweet! Would cooking it longer make the top crunchier?
Also, my friend who also picked some berries said he was going to use chocolate cake mix. I'll have to share the results if he does so.
DeandrasCrafts (author)  Kaiven2 years ago
PLEASE let me know about chocolate! I don't know why I never tried that....
That black berry bush in our backyard yields SO many berries, that we freeze them to last during the winter. Yes, if you want a crunchier top, you would definitely check it in 5 minute increments.
I'm SO GLAD you like it! =)
Came out great again! But sadly I only used yellow cake. I'll have to wait another week or so before I can attempt a chocolate version.
DeandrasCrafts (author)  Kaiven2 years ago
Not sadly! Yumm-ily... ;) The only way I know how to mess this up is by burning it, and I do know how to mess recipes up....
CementTruck2 years ago
A friend of mine used to make a Peach Cobbler very similar to this years ago. Every once in a while I would show up at their house un-announced and she'd frantically jump in the kitchen and pop one of these in the oven so we'd have a snack. She used to laugh at how much I ooh'd and ahh'd over her Cobbler. She finally told me how she made it and the mystique was lost forever. It still tasted good though.

Anyway, you brought back some good memories, so thank you!

I believe she used to sprinkle sugar on the top of the concoction right before putting it in the oven because the was a sweet crunchy crust that used to just make it special to me.
DeandrasCrafts (author)  CementTruck2 years ago
That's so awesome that you told me that story! I keep boxes of yellow cake mix in my pantry just to make this dessert on the fly just like your friend. Thanks again for the comment!