Step 11: Possible Uses and Conclusion

~UPDATE~ I have attached a newer version of the schematic for the 3 Axis Controller.  It is and eagle CAD Board and Schematic. 

Possible uses of this controller could be:
-A cnc machine (build 3)
-Plotter (build 3)
-or anything else that requires a percise amount of movment.

This Concludes my instructable. I hope you found it interesting and helpful. Feel free to modify my design and let me know how it turned out. If you liked my instructable, please vote for it in the Epilog Laser Cutter Contest.

Here is the three axis setup instructions and schmatic

To configure the program, follow to above steps, except when you go to enter the number of axis', enter 3. For the configuration, follow the steps above for the first axis, for the second axis, keep it the same as the above steps, except in the first four phase lines, enter the following:


For the last axis, follow the same steps of the other axis', only copy this into the first four phases


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i think i mucked it up, all the motor did was get really hot
Asa J5 years ago
Ok, here it goes again. When I try to jog the motor just vibrates. Also I notice that as soon as i connect the red motor wire to Positive it locks up.
One other thing, the port monitor numbers the port pins differently than you have here, and my X axis seems to run on pins 2, 3, 4, and 5.  Sorry if that's too much to address.
zoot686 Asa J4 years ago
Ok, it's supposed to lock up when you hook the hot wire up, and the reason it vibrates when you try to jog is because you have two of the other four wires connected in the wrong order, in that it's taking one step forward, then a step backwards, andt hen another step forward over and over again, and it seems like it's vibrating because it's doing this so quickly.
disconnect one two of the four wires and reverse them and try it again
gatts zoot6863 years ago
Hi guys need a bit of help here, 2 of my three motors lock nicely (z & x) when I charge them, but 1 (y) does nothing, then when i open turbocnc, the dead 1(y) locks and another 1(x) stops locking, then when i jog, z axis turns 4 increments, y the same, (im guessing this is normal) but when i jog x, y axis makes strange noise, and turns a bit. (x motor still dead). Any idea whats happening here? Help would be REALLY appreciated.
sxyuklad5 years ago
Should the lpt set to ECP, Bi-Directional or any other mode. Please reply soon. Because I am fed up of this now. I have spent alot of money and made this driver so many times, it not working. Motor gets the power and tries to sort of resist when I try to rotate it with my hand, but is not moving at all from the pc. Please help, where could be the problem???
murray484 (author)  sxyuklad5 years ago
Are you using TurboCNC?  Regarding your other question, yes, the chip will blow up if your motor draws over 500ma.  If you exceed this limit, you must add extra transistors that can handle more current.  As for the color of the motor coil wire, it varies for each motor.  The best way to check that is to use a multimeter on the resistance setting and to probe the coils.  There are several tutorials on the internet.

Hope this helps.
Yes, turboCNC as well as Kcam. Which transistors should I use? can you suggest any? Should I also need to hook up a resistor between the chip and the transistor? If yes, what value? Thank you!
sxyuklad5 years ago
And if my motor is more than 500mA and it is alot more than what a ULN2003 can handle. What should I do? Because when I connect it blows up the chip everytime. Please help.Does the motor coiling start from yellow or black? which is A1, A2, B1 and B2?
flemron5 years ago
i don't get how you can use pins 17,16,14 and 1 to control another axis. any chance you could help me get my head around this? parallel has 8 data pins doesn't it? so i can see how you can do 2 axis. But i don't get the 3rd one. Thanks for your help.
here's a good link that should answer to your question. http://www.beyondlogic.org/spp/parallel.htm

Pins 2 to 9 are Data Out pins. Pins 1, 14, 16, 17 are Control In/Out pins. This adds up to a total of 12 pins for your OUT connections, which you need for your 3 stepper motors (4 wires X 3 motors).

Anyone, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Hope it helps.
You're right about those pins being control pins and thus being either input or output pins.

I just checked to make sure they'd do TTL output with an LED
bryanb3335 years ago
um me  thinks you conected pin one to grnd which would be no good
zoot6865 years ago
according to the link below, using the phase drive schema rather than the usual step/direction schema, one should be able to run in interleaved mode thus doubling the number of steps per revolution compared to the wave drive schema described here, thus making use of those 3.6 degree and 1.8 degree steppers.