Step 4: Soldering

Now you need to solder the chip into your blank proto-board (I got mine at The Source).
Solder each pin to the board. My board had two power rails running up the center of the board, so I soldered the positive pin on the uln2003 (see schematic from here and pictured below) to the one of the rails and the negative pin to the other rail. Then, you must solder pin 2 on your parallel port connector to pin 1 on the uln2003. Solder pin 3 on the parallel port to pin 2 on the uln2003, pin 4 on the parallel port to pin 3 on the uln2003 and pin 5 on the parallel port to pin 4 on the uln2003. Now solder pin 25 on the parallel port to the negative rail on your circuit board. Now, solder the motor to the driver. Hooking up the motor to the board requires some trial and error. I just soldered wires so that I could use alligator clips. You could also use screw terminals or something similar. Simply solder a wire to pin 16, 15, 14 and 13 on the uln2003. Then solder a wire (preferably black) to the positive rail. Your driver is almost done. Finally, solder your barrel jack (I recycled mine from an old RC car) to the power rails on your circuit board. To prevent my wires from breaking off, I put hot glue over them.
rm5244 years ago
my steper has only four wires with red can it used?
murray484 (author)  rm5244 years ago
I am not sure I understand what you mean. Could you upload a picture of what you mean?
cipryon4 years ago
can you use a usb- serial port adapter for the newer computers? or do you have to do some other programing?
gee125 years ago
hi all,, glad to meet you all,,,

honestly I am still newbie in electronics and microcontroller,,
And I'm still confused about making the motor drivers for my STEPPER,,

This is the specification of my STEPPER:

Step Angle: 1.8 Degree
Positional Accuracy: 5%
Number of phases: 2
Temperature rise: 80 degree max.
Dielectric strength: 500 VDC
Insulation resistance: 100 Mohm (500 VDC)
Insulation class: B
Radial play: 0025 mm (450 g load)
ohm: 0.76
Ampere: 1.25
Volt: 0.94
wire: 8

Any one!! please help me to 
find a controller for this STEPPER??
aguseguedre5 years ago
Hello, I´m trying to do the project and I discovered that the schematic of the parallel port is the back side of the male DB25. That is very important in order to connect the right wires .I thought it was the font wiew and I conected  the wires of the opposite side.I was lucky and nothing happened.
opticlook5 years ago
my stepper dousn't have the red wire... will it still work?
libed916 years ago
Does anyone know where could I find controller for four wire stepper?
kareden libed915 years ago
libed91 kareden5 years ago
thank you very much :D, you saved me a lot of troubles