Step 5: Install Control Software

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Now for the software. The only software that will work with this driver that I know of is Turbo CNC. Download it from http://www.dakeng.com/turbo.html . Un-zip it and burn it to a cd. Now, on the computer that you are going to use as your controller, go to your c: // drive and make a folder called "tcnc". Next, drag the files from the CD to the folder you just made. Exit all windows. You have now installed Turbo CNC.
balak954 years ago
do you have to buy the 60$ registration fee for the sortware to work??
murray484 (author)  balak954 years ago
No, the software itself is free. If you would like the source code so that you could modify it to fit your need better (you probably don't need to), then you need to pay the registration fee. But to just use the software as it is written, you do not have to pay the fee.
thanks im ordering my un2003 chips tommorow it should be here on saturday so i can build the cnc over the weekend. I got steppers out of an old brother fax machine will those work.
murray484 (author)  balak954 years ago
It depends. How many wires do they have. How many amps do they draw? The ULN2003 can only handle motors that take 500ma. Also, what is the voltage of the motors. The closer to 12volts they are the better.
one of them is actually the exact same as in the picture...how do you draw in turbo cnc....can you upload something to the software and it will automaticlly cut it out.
murray484 (author)  balak954 years ago
Provided that all of the motors have similar specs, it should work fine. In order to make stuff with the cnc you will need to use a CAD/CAM program to create G-Code files. I personally use MasterCam X4, but that is expensive and most likely out of the question for most people. CamBam is a popular one and there is a free version (available here: http://www.cambam.info/downloads/). To use it, you have to import a DXF file or image, and create a toolpath. There are plenty of tutorials here: http://www.cambam.info/vids/ . You can also use Desk Engrave to do simple text engravings (available for free here: http://www.cnc.yertiz.com/text2.htm) or Ace Converter to do simple jobs from dxf files (available for free here: http://www.dakeng.com/ace.html). If you are looking for a good CAD program, I recommend Google Sketchup. It is super easy to use. The one limitation is the lack of a DXF export option. There is a plugin that will do that for you though (just google sketchup to dxf converter). Another great option if you are a student is to use the free student version of AutoCAD or Autodesk Inventor. (go to students.autodesk.com and create an account).

This should get you off the ground. It may seem complicated at the start, but once you get using it, it becomes quite simple.

Hope this helps.
oli9412166 years ago
the software link is not good...
here it is : http://www.dakeng.com/turbocnc.html