Step 7: Build a test axis

The next step is to build a simple axis to use as a test system. Cut 3 pieces of wood and clamp them together. Draw a strait line on the wood to keep your holes strait. Drill two holes on the line. Finally, drill 1 hole centered below the line. Now you can un clamp your wood.

Place the two rods through the holes on the line. Screw a small screw into your rods to keep it in place. Slide your second piece of wood onto your rods. Mount your motor to the final piece of wood. It does not matter how you do this, be creative. I used two pieces of 1/8 threaded rod to hold mine in place. Now slide your wood with the motor attached to it on the other end of your rods. Screw the rods onto the wood. Slide your threaded rod through the third hole on your first piece. Screw your nut onto the rod. Slide the rod up to the second piece of wood. Turn the rod until it slides through the holes and up to the motor's shaft. Using aquarium air hose and zipties, connect the motor shaft to the threaded rod. To attach the nut to the 2nd piece of wood, I used various screws and nuts to hold my nut in place, but anything should work. Finally, cut a piece of wood the size that you want your stage to be. Screw it onto the 2nd piece of wood. Make sure that your stage is level. Mine was not, so I used washers as spacers. You have now built an axis for your motor.
MrDeaN4 years ago
Wood?? This technology looks like the first time the Titanic was built ..
LOL .. just kidding :D