I LOVE bat and owl jewelries. I've always thought of making an owl pendant myself but haven't made one yet.

Anyways, I came up with this idea of making a bat pendant using thick papers and couldn't wait to try it out, besides it would be perfect for Halloween, a quick and easy Halloween craft. If you're not into wearing costumes or makeups then you should give these pendants a try, they'll add a little something something!

I've seen these bat pendants in shops. The pendant turned out quite good. This instructable will show you how to make this bat pendant.  It could be a quick and easy Halloween craft.

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make bat pendant (each) you'll need:

1) Thick paper,
2) Scissor,
3) White glue,
4) Pen or pencil,
5) Chain or black string,
6) Jump rings,
7) Fabric paint and brush,
8) Cutting plier.
<p>That looks cool, I tried it with a piece of cardboard but it was too hard to cut. I plan on trying again soon!</p>
<p>You can use thinner cardboard, but use more pieces. It's easier to cut and in then you have awesome bat! :D</p>
Great idea! It was really easy to make it and It looks incredible and I'm so disappointed of the photos. It looks better live. Anyway, thank you. :D
<p>I finally made my own! :D This one isn't that great, but I plan on making an improved version soon enough :)</p>
<p>Looks great! nice work :)</p>
This is great! I love that most of your projects are easy and cheap to do and comes out looking great too!
Thanks shazni! I'm glad you noticed that! I try to make things as simply as possible and with easily available materials to make sure that the beginners find them easy to understand and make :)
Cute! My next project!
Thanks! post a picture after you make'em :)
That was amazing post i have ever seen before. good job
Thank you sooo much! :D
WOW!!!!! These bats are amazing---and I can see using this craft for many other items---Christmas ornaments; other holiday crafts, many other shapes---great idea and THANKS for posting!!!!
Thank you! yes, you can make any shapes with this technique. No problem :)
Hi, I don't need see all the steps to click Favorited. Really creative
Ohw, so nice of you! thanks!
These turned out beautifully! Good job!! :)
Thanks Steph! I'm glad you like'em!
How cute!! :) I love this glue technique you use!
Thanks Linda! yup, it's fun to design with glue :)
Interesting technique... <br> <br>and, as a basic technique, it will be useful not just for pendant, but for a whole range of things... <br> <br>Tks for sharing...
Thank you! <br>yes, and the materials I used are also cheap and easily available so the possibility is endless! <br>No problem :)
This I really awesome!
Thank you :)
Awesome! I'm so making some!!!
Thanks! post a picture if you make one :)
I love how you made these bats!
Glad to know! Thanks :)
These are so cute!
Thanks emily!

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