Introduction: Easy to Make Bullet-Pen

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This Is A Tutorial On How To Make A Super In-Inexpensive Pen From Bullet Casings...

Step 1: What You Need

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Supplies Are quite simple all you need is:
-Bullet casings(Find Them Any Where Guns Are Shot)
-Cheap Pen
-Duct Tape Or Super Glue
-Any Tool That Cuts (best works with multi-tool, or Kitchen scissors) 
-Elmer's School Glue Or Super Glue (i just so happened to be out of super glue)

Step 2: Now Lets Get Ready to Start the Build

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First Choose Your Casing Size For This Build I Chose A 7mm Remington mag casing. Then Pull The Main part of the pen of to get the arrow shaped thing and the inkstem still attatched

Step 3: Fitting

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Now Put them side by side mesure then cut stem too a little smaller than the casing so it doesnt keep touching the bottom but dont put it to gether yet

Step 4: Almost There

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So now take the elmers school glue or super glue and glue the piece of the stem You cut just so ink does not run out. Drying................................ Now Get The Arrow thing with the stem and use duct tape around the bottom part of arrow. If super glue is what u are using then apply it like the duct tape and hold it together for a minute. duct tape users may have to wiggle it a little but if u put the correct amount it should work as a cork. Super glue users set it down and go occupy yourself for 5 minutes so it dries or keep reading, lol. If duct tape dont take the pen out to much or youll strip the cork (lol). And your done, Thanks for reading these instructions this was my first upload so dont say it sucks but if you have suggestions feel free


machoturtle (author)2013-01-15

lol it wouldn't even be possible to make a bullet pen with a live bullet! there would be a bullet in the way...:)

You could use a hollow round or drill a hole

ColbyCheese (author)2011-11-28

Great Instructable : - ),

I can't wait to make one of these. I was thinking about this instructable in general and I think it might be a good idea to mention that its NOT a good idea to try and make one of these using a loaded bullet.

This should be obvious but it might good to mention since everyone may not have an empty casing. : - )



hwhitley1 (author)ColbyCheese2012-02-19

Lol actually you are right

prestux (author)2011-10-09

Gonna make a few of these to hand out to friends.

mr.squeakers (author)2011-10-09

so cool!

zazenergy (author)2011-10-07

what a creative idea!

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