Picture of Easy To Make Lightsaber
This is a easy way to make a lightsaber with only using basic house hold utensils

Step 1: Stuff U Need

U will need a torch sticky tape a plastic tube and cellophane for this easy construction

I agree I agree so does my associate Parker

Pygmy Dolphine (author) 1 year ago
Cellophane is a product u can but from any $2 shop its very easy to get and also this is for arragent expert its just a normal flash light or torch that u can buy from target or big w
othnal1 year ago

whats cellophane

Advar1 year ago

Quick and easy, indeed! Nice. :)

Is a torch a special flash light or just a fancy term for flash light??

In the UK, they call flashlights torches, or electric torches. Bulbs instead of flames, makes sence to me. :)

Pygmy Dolphine (author) 1 year ago
Thx for making one if u have