Introduction: Easy Toohtpick Gun!

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Hey guys ! This is just a very easy tutorial showing you how to make a clothespin gun that shoots toothpicks.....have fun and be safe!

Step 1: Materials

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Materials : Clothespin - saw or knife - rubber band

Step 2: Making the Gun

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1. Take apart the clothespin and cut in half just one part of it ( the clothespin) 2.Make a small notch like shown in the photos. 3.Attach the 2 parts together using a rubber band. 4.Then take the spring ( or whatever it is) , it will have to ends , take the first end and place it in the notch, the other end should go on top of it ( on top of the first part of the clothespin,the big one)

Step 3: How to Shoot It

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1.Push it forward until you hear a click 2.Then pull it back until you hear another click (See the photos)'s reloaded now ! 4.take a toothpick and cut one end of it 5. You are ready to shoot :D 6.Just pull the trigger to shoot


DIYTutorialsForYou (author)2013-07-18

Thanks !

aqua 12 (author)2013-07-18

This is awesome!!! Great work!!

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