Step 3: Orange Step

Picture of Orange Step
Again, this step is fun, but adds more precious minutes to what could otherwise be a super-quick recipe.  But if you're the type that has oranges around, get ready to dig into one, cause you're about to make it naked.

Peel off four or five good strips of rind.  Of course, you want to avoid the white flesh underneath, as that's the part that makes it bitter.

If you don't have an orange, but do have orange juice, that is a viable alternative. 

does this step influence the flavour? I don't like a chocolate-and-orange flavour so should I choose something else than orange or could I just skip the entire step?
scoochmaroo (author)  Madeline19924 years ago
I say skip it!
Is cardamom required... i live in costa rica and can not find it anywhere!!!
scoochmaroo (author)  jenniferzeledon5 years ago
Nope! Any flavor you like :D