Picture of Easy Tutorial for Hanging Pictures!
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When designing our hallway makeover, I wanted to find an easy way to hang the pictures.  I found a fabulous idea that I'm going to share with you. 

What I used for this was:
wax paper
tape measure
framed pictures

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Step 1: Measure Wall Space

Picture of Measure Wall Space
Measure your wall space to see how much area your pictures will cover.  

Step 2: Wax Paper

Picture of Wax Paper
Find a space on the floor where you can get to work.  Spread out your wax paper to the size of your wall space where you plan to hang the pictures.  

Step 3: Arrange Pictures

Picture of Arrange Pictures
Place your pictures on the wax paper.  This is so great to have the space to arrange them.  You can arrange and rearrange and measure and rearrange and you don't have to worry about lots of nail holes in your walls.  

Step 4: Trace the pictures

Picture of Trace the pictures
Once you have them exactly where you want them, trace around each frame.  

Step 5: Mark the nail holes

Picture of Mark the nail holes
Turn the frames over and place them directly underneath their outline beneath the wax paper.  Next, take a pencil and mark the paper right in the middle of each frame's hanger.

Step 6: Place wax paper on the walls

Picture of Place wax paper on the walls
Using tape, attach the wax paper to the wall space where you want to hang your pictures.  Be sure to measure again and use a level to avoid any need for do-overs.  

Step 7: Nail it!

Picture of Nail it!
Now it's time to put the nails in your walls.  This was my favorite part of the whole thing.  It was all leading up to this moment!  : )

Step 8: Hang the pictures

Picture of Hang the pictures
It's time to remove the wax paper and hang those pictures!  

Step 9: Admire

Picture of Admire
Stand back and admire a job well done!