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Introduction: Easy Up Do for Any Hair

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This Up Do looks complicated but in reality it is very easy that even kids could do it. It works with any hair type and is a life saver on bad hair days. Trust me I know! We have plenty of weddings during the year and sometimes when my daughter has bad hair day this is my solution. Another reason this is a great hair up do for me is that for the life of me I can't do a french braid. If I have to do it on my self my arms ache and it anyway ends up looking like a crows nest cause it's so messy when I do it..

The Plus of this Up Do -

No heat required

No spray or gel required of any kind

You can do it by your self

And it takes only 15 minutes for shoulder blade length hair but longer for long hair (obviously!!)

This would look lovely for brides and flower girls too :-)

Step 1: Basic ​Accessories

Basic Accessories

Hair of course - length of where you could have a pony tail is fine.

Artificial or real rose buds with stems or you could make your own paper roses if you don't have the required color here

Invisible pin/ Bobbie pins

Step 2: The Pony Tail

Comb your hair.

If you want a parting in your hair, part your hair the way you want and separate it and pin. Now tie your pony tail.

I parted the hair to a side and used a pin temporarily to hold it in place.

Now take the length of hair and wrap it around the band so that the band is concealed. pin it in place.

Step 3: Come on Lets Do the Twist ;-)

Separate your pony tail into 5 or 6 bunch of strands and TWIST! yes twist again and again till it starts to form knots. place it on your head and pin. Isn't that like very easy. And here people think it must be a lot of work!

Step 4: ​Make It Whimsical

Now you can leave it like that if you want it simple, but if you really want to make statement add some accessories. You can add Rhinestone hair accessories or like I did some rose buds.

Shops sell these rose bud bunches very cheaply. Take a rose bud with the stem and twist the stem to form a spring.

By twisting the spring shape into the hair the rose will be firmly fixed in the hair. You could also insert the rose stems in between the little knots in the hair and fix it with Bobbie pins.

Doesn't the hair up do look adorable?

Step 5: Stun the Crowd

Now stun your friends who would assume that you have gone to the salon to do this super hair do!

Please try it! You can do it on your own. I guess placing the roses would required back mirrors but that wouldn't be difficult :-)

Please try it. It's not difficult!

Step 6:

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    Sorry for the late reply. I'm only now getting into the rhythm of life now that my baby is 4 months :-)




    Great job Shazni - this is very pretty! I did my hair like this long ago when I was younger and it was very cool and different. I did it with my hair half up - this is very pretty this way with all the hair - I Like it!

    1 reply

    Thanks! You would have looked amazing :-).

    Congrats on your win! I knew you would win the Prize

    Congratulations on being a finalist in the Hair and make-up
    contest!Best of luck to you!

    1 reply

    Thanks :) . I'm really exicite


    This is so elegant, I love it! By the way, I am amazed by your daughter's hair length, wow! :)

    1 reply

    Thanks Linda! I'm hopeless at French braids that I have to come up with other alternatives ;)

    Well as long as you have hair long enough to tie a ponytail and a bit more it should be enough. :-) . But if it's really short you can tie loads of tiny pigtails around the top and then either wrap the hair around the band and pin to form tiny buns or if it's a bit longer try twisting it and pin.

    Not knowing exactly how short your hair is, it's difficult to say what to do. Hope I helped!