Easy Voltage Regulator for $25


Introduction: Easy Voltage Regulator for $25

I will teach you how to make it very soon!

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    Thank you pfred2 for the reply, and great tip. Already replaced it as you said and it is woking heaps better now!

    I watched your video and saw you having a problem I have had. That a lot of knob style potentiometers can be a little flighty when adjusted. I ended up blowing up one of my favorite projects once because of that. So since then I have learned to use 15 turn trimmers on some of my adjustable regulators I have built. I put up an article on this site of one you may like:


    No video but I include a schematic so others may build one as well. With my voltage regulator you can experiment with operational amplifiers which often need positive, and negative voltages in order to function properly. Or just build half of it if you only need positive voltage. I wish that article would get featured on this site because I do think it is a very nice beginner's bench supply project.

    Now you just have to get your projects costs down some by using parts you've salvaged out of discarded electronics. I built the voltage regulator in that linked article for free. It was just stuff I had laying around. But being a junk collector has its downsides too I suppose.