Easy Wall Art




Introduction: Easy Wall Art

Are you bored of boring white walls? Are you like me in the sense that you don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on something that is just going to be hung up? Then here you go: cheap and easy wall art.

Step 1: Shoe Box Lid and Material.

The possibilities are endless; whatever size of lid you have laying around with any piece of fabric that will fit over it. Then it's simple... You just hot glue it on and let it dry. Yupp. That easy. And just like that you have something beautiful to look at.

Step 2: Whatever Pretties You Want to Add!

I used a border made of lace. Lace is my absolute favorite type of fabric, so antique. You can essentially use anything, whatever design you fancy at the moment. I used nails to hang it up with.



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