This instructable will show you how to purify any water source with some basic things listed below. But first, the reasoning behind this instructable: drinking unfiltered water has been scientifically proven to lead to cancers and early deaths, so always make sure to drink clean water when available, and if it isn't available use this instructable to purify the water before drinking it!

Now for what you'll need:

- The water you want to purify (duh!)
- A 20 oz soda bottle
- Soap and sponge (sponge is optional)
- Clean towel
- A fire source and a pan
- Scissors or exacto knife
- A rubber band (big enough to fit around the bottle)

I will add captions to the pictures to make them more understandable! :D 
Note: the water will taste amazing once it's purified, so make sure not to drink too much, and especially don't drink and drive!
<p>I'm not sure why you went through all the steps with the bottle. The only thing that really happened here in terms of purification was that you boiled water and poured it through a towel and let it settle. I'm not sure what purpose the bottle served. Aeration could be achieved simply by shaking the bottle but is probably not needed.</p>
woa this is so cool! nice share :)
What a well done instructablle! It was written quite well. (I've read a couple today by adults an there grammar and spelling was atrocious.) I did not have to decipher yours. I spend a lot of money on bottled water as my tap water tastes awful. I've boiled it before, but it does not improve the taste. But being city tap water I assumed it did not need to be filtered. I never thought of ariating it. I have arthritus. I don't think I can punch the holes for airiation. Do you think shaking it would do? <br>I''m going to filter some tap water, boil it, then shake it. <br>Then taste it of cours. This tap water makes me run to the bathroom a lot. Yuck <br>So there is something wrong with it. Maybe this will help and save me money as I won't need to buy bottled water.
Sorry for the long wait, I was on vacation and the internet connection was terrible (it crashed almost every minute). <br>Thanks a lot! It took quite some time to perfect the grammar and spelling so it really means a lot! <br>As for your question, shaking it should also do the trick if you can't aerate it so that will definitely help! For the taste, i've tried adding some salt to the water as i'm boiling it and I found out that it really does help the water taste better! The salt overpowers the blank taste of the water and if you put it in while the water is boiling, the salt melts in the water so there isn't any loose pieces of salt floating in the water! <br>Hope this helps! Thanks again!