Easy Waterproofing Electronics





Introduction: Easy Waterproofing Electronics

Hey! everyone My name is Steve 19 year old from India .

Today i'm going to show yo how to waterproof you pcb board .

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Step 1: What You Need

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Heat Shrink Tube

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Step 2: What You Need to Do

Just Follow the Step

  • cover all the surface with Hot Glue
  • Cover The Board with Heat Shrink Tube
  • USE a Lighter to Shrink The Tube

Step 3: You Are Done Now

  • After finishing It will look Something Like This

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good one, I did something similar to my HEATING up resistor! :P I realize what you did and why. people are so much worried about heat same as they got worried about grounding in wiring, which is alien concept in asia :P so rock on. Although do give attention to things pointed out but take too much pressure. With love from Pakistan

* but dont take too much pressure

You can do better by covering the board in an epoxy. You can do a thin coat so it will still get rid of heat, but will still be water tight. I do this for my flash drives that I steampunk. https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-steampunk-USB-flash-drive/

I keep 2 part epoxy on hand at all times. For small uses like this it really should be the same small cost. The epoxy is not going to be affected by heat from the electronics while the hot glue is. Worst case the hot glue melts & you damage the board you are trying to protect, due to heat or the water you are trying to protect it from. I have tried this method before switching to the epoxy for this very reason.

this fear for heat up electronics felt like Y2K bug, remember those, got fixed by simple update. this image is not of something getting hot, and if someone is trying to waterproof electronics thats giving out that much wattage, perhaps he does need to learn by hard way :P

epoxy idea is also good

I use clear 2 part epoxy on my pen drives, coat them then stick the case back on..man are they protected after that

thanks for your information.
but my board does not heat up it's soo efficient.

Clear nail polish or silicone would also be good, i usually put silicone or nail polish and then put some heat shrink or pvc shrink on it