Introduction: Easy Way to Make a 3D Animation

It's very simple. Just try.


Junkyard John (author)2008-08-19

Man, that takes some serious talent. How long did that take you? I would probably just go Blenderize it.

tetlian (author)Junkyard John2008-08-19

Thanks :) It took me 30 - 60 minutes.

Junkyard John (author)tetlian2008-08-20

Yeesh...and to think of how long it took to make an old Disney classic like Snow White.

30 - 60 minutes.

I want to see that.

ac1D (author)Junkyard John2008-09-07

i know my comment have nothing to do here, but i like your avatar lol

Junkyard John (author)ac1D2008-09-07

Why thanks!

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