Introduction: Easy Way to Organize Pencils, Earbuds, and Washi Tape All in One "structure"

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Have you ever had to take a trip or just have tight space in heneral? Than this is the project for you!

Step 1: Things You Need

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All you need is what you need to organize: 3 things. Pencils, earbuds, and washi tape.

Step 2: Take Off Erasers

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Okay, now what you need to do is take off all the (removable) erasers. This is so the structure won't wobble.

Step 3: Put All the Pencils in a Line

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It doesn't matter how many pencils you do or how small they are just line them up

Step 4: Line Up the Ends

Picture of Line Up the Ends

Now what you have to do is line up all the eraser ends.

Step 5: Organize by Size

Picture of Organize by Size

Now just line them up from tallest to shortest, remembering to keep the eraser ends lined up.

Step 6: Tape

Picture of Tape

Now just tape it all around, like in the picture.

Step 7: Tape Aroind

Picture of Tape Aroind

Now just Bend it into a circle and tape all around

Step 8: Stand It Up

Picture of Stand It Up

Now it should be able to stand up, if not push some in so it's even.

Step 9: Double Knot

Picture of Double Knot

Now double knot the earbud side of the earbuds so they'll stay on.

Step 10: Wrap It Up!

Picture of Wrap It Up!

Now just wrap around the wires, one at a time tucking them in when you finish.

Step 11: Put Tape on Top

Picture of Put Tape on Top

Now just top it off with your washi tape. A perfect organizer!


amberrayh (author)2015-03-07

Nice job on your first Instructable! This would be a good way to pack up some supplies for a trip or to mail to a friend!

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