video Easy Way to Cut Pasta
When making homemade pasta you have several options in forming your noodles.  You can extrude it (like my play dough experiment), run it through a dedicated pasta machine, cut individual noodles, or as this instructable demonstrates, you can roll the dough and cut noodles very efficiently and quickly.

Once you get your dough as thin as you desire, simply roll it into a tube, and using a sharp knife, slice it as thin as you want.
Once you get the dough cut into spirals, simply unroll each spiral into a long noodle, and either dry or cook immediately.

This is a very simple way of cutting pasta noodles, and I hope it makes your life easier.
Great but you are In a need of chefs knife ;-)
HollyMann2 years ago
That's awesome. I need to check out your other instructable on how to make homemade noodles. I have made dumplings but not large spaghetti noodles yet. I thought doing it this way, they would get stuck together but they didn't! Good to know!