Easy Way to Help Upgrade Your Rushed Clash of Clans Base


Introduction: Easy Way to Help Upgrade Your Rushed Clash of Clans Base

In the next few paragraphs, ill give you a few tips to unrushing your clash of clans account

Step 1: Knowing If Saving Your Base Can Be Done. or Is It Worth Being Done

Im assuming if your reading this, you may have jumped the Town Hall upgrading gun just a little bit. Right now im going to give you a few tips, on what you can do to try and save your base. please note, although nothing is im possible. If you have a Town Hall (TH) 10 or 11 with anything lower than level 4 upgrades. you may want to consider starting another account. Also note that some troop and defense upgrades do not go to level 4. ie. xbows only go to level 4 One of the few examples. I Recommend not all together quitting that base but building a non rushed base may save you headaches. And then you can un rush your base at a leisure pace. I will say if you have a really rushed base. Do Not expect to be allowed into great clans. Not saying no one will. but to most decent level players. Being rushed is a deal breaker. If you are a little more sensitive with your feelings. I strongly discourage using global chat. You will be made fun of. i was but i also made a base that. pointed out that i knew i was rushed. so in other words have fun even make fun of yourself. people will warm up leave you alone. One last tip. Do not get on and make fun of other rushed people or anyone for that matter. I often wish there was an attack this guy now option. quiet him down.

Step 2: Assessing How Rushed You Are and Prioritizing Your Upgrades.

In the two photos i have provided here. You will see two of my personal bases. looking at the base with mostly gold walls, you'll notice top left corner. My name is Rush Hour mentioned before making fun of yourself helps. But side by side comparison of those Two TH9s you'll notice not just the walls but all other defenses and not shown. troops are much better levels. And you can also see a few major defenses not even on the RushHour account. What must be done and i find the easiest way of doing this is. going to your village editor mode. and pick a clean map or one you dont mind clearing. Now set up a base either similar or the same as i have in pictures 3 and 4. Doing so yo can now easiley sea or click on. to see which is the first to upgrade. Be sure to lay each building in a uniform manner that you can remember of best to worst, and save base dont make it your. this is only a reference base. Now go to your mailbox and scroll down through the attacks people have done to your base. if you have more flying attacks against you. upgrade defenses that apply to air attacks same with ground. youll notice on some other websites people will tell u which to upgrade first those make for great guides. but they will not gurentee success.

Step 3: Gathering Resources for Upgrades

You have made your plan of attack. Now how to decide which route to the easiest quickest loot. If your rushed base gets crushed all the time. i would highly suggest not upgrading any of your mines or collectors any further than you have. Peoples (in my opinion) biggest mistake. having level 4 defenses with maxed resource collectors. At this point you have painted a red target on your base. And really no way to defend it. I have come to find out, that i cant do very good loot raids due to troops low levels. So this is where you need to find a clan that will accept and take you to war. . If you cannot or don't want to find a clan. you can take it a giant step farther and create 9 more accounts. I was laid off for two months had plenty spare time. In that pic is some of the 11 accs i have. only 4 of them i actually progress. But the object here is only level the other accounts to level 3 and 4. i did them half and half this way. For sake of the argunent. you are creating not an unfair but more balanced system of war. You will be paired with clans that dont attack or only few do. thus making winning wars eaiser and getting good sized war bonus for upgrades. A huge mistake people in wars make. is attacking the really easy bases with better or bigger advantages. your rushed th9 can carry a max of 220 troops. even half maxed TH9s carry way more troops than you would ever need on a TH4 base. Reason one does not want to attack to low, is a lower bonus is assessed the farther down you go. So you want to attack as high as you can go. and even if your winning or gonna win. always attack a second time. if you have cleared all bases. you can still get a bonus for even a one star war win. so now maybe if you think you may go higher. try it or play safe and go down to the next guy. like i noted bout being laid off. You will need a spare few hours come battle day. cause switching accounts and attacking with your ten new bases takes awhile. and especially when you need to go through all and request. then go back to your account with the best levels of troops and donate to yourself. If you play smart you can get an 800,000 gold and elixer end of war, win bonus. There will be clans out there doing the same. so you will not win them all. From this tactic i have upgraded Rush Hour at a much faster pace than loot raids alone. since the update where super cell integrated the star bonus. that account has only gotten it four times. due to low troop levels. . With all thats been said. just keep at it and have fun. do create another good account and track how much easier and faster it is to max each Town Hall level before upgrading the TH. One last side note. Walls are very important but being a couple no more than two levels behind is ok. with Earth quake spell. 4 spells of any level will take out a section of any level wall.




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