Introduction: Simple Way to Make Waterproof Matches

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Simple way to make waterproof matches

Step 1: Making Waterproof Matches

Watch video for more details.

If you don't see video, please follow [this link]

To make waterproof matches you will need matches and candle.

Light up candle and wait until wax is melted.

Dip the end of match into melted wax, take it out and let it harden.



NinZ2U (author)2016-01-03

Thanks for sharing this. My guys camp and damp matches can be an issue. Over the years we have thrown out a lot of matches because they became damp.

Magzzee (author)2016-01-02

Great idea, thanks!

seamster (author)2016-01-01

Nice and simple. Thanks for sharing! :)

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