Easy Way to Spray Paint Screws





Introduction: Easy Way to Spray Paint Screws

So, I was about to paint my new metal leviton wall plates to go in my room when I realized my screws were pretreated like the plates. Bf was like.. well how do you plan on spraying that? My solution was terribly simple, and I haven't seen anyone else try it.

Step 1: Gather the Materials!

What you need is a sponge. Preferably a new, never used, or at least bone dry. This was a little soft because I was wiping paint mistakes the night before.
You also need scizzors. The size doesn't matter but tiny ones you use on your nails aren't recommended.
Obviously, you need the spray paint, but I also aways seal my artwork with Triple Thick Brilliant Gloss Glaze.

Step 2: Poke a Hole Into Sponge

With both hands and hold the scizzors as shown.BECAREFUL! Gently force the blade into the sponge and gently scratch the incision until it's deep enough for the screw to catch.

Step 3: Screw the Screw Into Sponge

The hole doesn't have to be very deep. Take your screw, place it into the hole and then twist it in. The screw will catch. Screw as deep as you want if you don't want the threads painted.

Step 4: Spray Paint!

Because I'm dealing with 3d objects, I sprayed back and forth horizontally, moving counter clockwise twice. I let it dry for about 2 hours and then went over it with the triple counter clockwise once.

Screws look great!



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    Use a shoe box or other size box for long screws

    So, you destroy a new sponge instead of using an old one (dry of course) or some cardboard, wood or any material where you can put a screw ?

    I personaly use cardboard.

    2 replies

    Actually, my problem with cardboard is that it's thin and you can't get it the head flush with longer screws. I would have also had to take more time to cut out a piece of cardboard when the sponge was already a similar size to the wall plates.

    It was a used one as I mentioned. I just showed you the package. I'm keeping the sponge for other art projects. But no, I don't have cardboard, we haven't started moving yet.

    Styrofoam also works well...nice paint job though...

    I do the same type things when rebuilding most anything. But I use cardboard for the effort. But either option, it is a nice way to hold the screws for painting efforts.

    That looks much better than the ordinary colors that you find at the hardware store.