Easy Weather Station Box





Introduction: Easy Weather Station Box

Hello !!! To day i would like to present How to make Weather Station Box. the weather station reading temperature and humidity form DHT22 sensor. when espresso lite read data form dht22 then sent data to Thingspeak and sleep 30 minute. I use dht22 because espresso lite built-in pin for DHT and OLED. it's very easy to make. let's start to join now Go Go Go...

Hardware Required

- ESPresso Lite (ESP8266)

- OLED 128x64 i2c

- DHT22

- FT232 FTDI

- Adapter 5v

- Power Bank ABS/ARUN 5600 mAh Model Y38

- Mini Solarcell (next feature)

- 3D printer (If you have)

- account Thingspeak

Step 1: 3D Printed Case

can download .stl file at here

Step 2: Hack Power Bank

Remove case power bank, i just use battery and charger

Step 3: Connect OLED and DHT to Board

I use OLED 128x64 i2c is 4 pin : VCC GND SCL SDA (oled in picture is not correct i use, you can find another oled same this pin)

Step 4: Assemble Case

Take battery below esp board and put charging board to bottom case

Step 5: Upload Code to ESPresso Lite

add API key form thingspeak to esp code (if you don't know api key, just see next step) Example Code

Step 6: Edit Thingspeak

Create channel and copy API key to esp code

Step 7: Use Github.io and Enjoy It

Use github.io for display graph temperature and humidity. Next step you can add another sensor such as DS18B20, Soil moisture sensor, raindrop sensor etc. have to enjoy :)



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looks good, nice design. I understand that Espresso Lite offers a starterkit with the OLED and DHT22 included. Wether the price difference (12 USD for the Espresso Lite vs 42 USD for the starterkit) is worth it, but it gets you on yr way.
Very nice project

thank you sir, next step i will write article about espresso lite soon :)

i will be on the lookout for it. Never had heard of it before