This is my first Instructable so I apologize for any screw ups : )
Fyi I am just a novice wood working and a totally worthless photographer.
This will briefly show you how in a weekend you can quickly make several ornaments for holiday gifts.
I am making trees but stars or most simple shapes will work.

thick wood stock
various colored scrap stock
wood glue
band saw
sanding supplies
drill and bits
plug cutters
finish of choice

Step 1: Draw Your Ornament on Thick Stock

Plan out your xmas ornament on thick stock. In this case I am using a chunk of 12/4 (3") poplar I had left over.
You want to use thick stock - at least 6/4 if you have some laying around.
I used poplar because of its greenish coloring.
Since I am making a tree, I glued a bit of walnut on for a 'trunk.'
The more complicated your design the harder it will be to cut out so plan ahead.
Very nifty idea!
Cuuuuuute! Thank you!

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