Picture of Easy Weekend Xmas Ornament Gifts
This is my first Instructable so I apologize for any screw ups : )
Fyi I am just a novice wood working and a totally worthless photographer.
This will briefly show you how in a weekend you can quickly make several ornaments for holiday gifts.
I am making trees but stars or most simple shapes will work.

thick wood stock
various colored scrap stock
wood glue
band saw
sanding supplies
drill and bits
plug cutters
finish of choice
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Step 1: Draw your ornament on thick stock

Picture of Draw your ornament on thick stock
Plan out your xmas ornament on thick stock. In this case I am using a chunk of 12/4 (3") poplar I had left over.
You want to use thick stock - at least 6/4 if you have some laying around.
I used poplar because of its greenish coloring.
Since I am making a tree, I glued a bit of walnut on for a 'trunk.'
The more complicated your design the harder it will be to cut out so plan ahead.

Step 2: Cut out your ornament from the stock

Picture of Cut out your ornament from the stock
Cut out your ornament on the bandsaw.
You could use a scroll saw but a bandsaw is ideal for the thicker stock we want to use.

Step 3: Rip your ornament into multiple ornaments

Picture of Rip your ornament into multiple ornaments
Take your ornament and turn it 90 degrees and rip it on the bandsaw.
I recommend going no thinner than 1/4" and up to 1/2" but its up to you.

Step 4: Add mini ornaments

Picture of Add mini ornaments
While you could basically stop after ripping your thick stock down into several small trees, i wanted to go a little further.
I found some pretty colored scraps laying around the shop and used my junky plug cutters to make some small plugs.
The nicer cutters you have the easier and quicker it will go to make plugs.

I drilled matching sized holes partially through my trees and glued in the colored plugs.
I prefer Titebond III for glue.

Step 5: Sand and finish to taste

Picture of Sand and finish to taste
Sand your new ornaments to your liking (sanding not shown).
With my trees I am keeping them pretty rustic and only sanding minimally.

Finish with your favorite products, just remember that small kids may be handling them in the future.
For this demo I used Tung oil.
poofrabbit1 year ago
Very nifty idea!
jadeborade1 year ago
Cuuuuuute! Thank you!