I have wanted to throw together this costume ever since I first saw the show. If you don't know who Winry is or what FullMetal Alchemist is, I strongly suggest you watch it. It is amazing and if you don't like subtitles, it has great dubbing with great voice actors.

Back to the costume. This is one of the outfits she is seen in casually. She also has a jumpsuit outfit that is cool, but I don't own a purple jumpsuit.

The outfit is easy, if you have the pieces, the only thing I spent time on was recreating her hair.

(I was trying to imitate a pose I saw her in, but it is hard to flex with a crescent wrench in your hand)

Step 1: Clothes

Gather together the clothes you will need.

White Tank (I used a white beater with a white simple tank under)
Black Skirt
Crescent Wrench
Black boots
One of the best Anime out there, nice job. <br>
Fullmetal alchemmmmeessst!!!!!
can you come fix my automail arm its broken hahaha love FMA !
there is no like button? <br>(new fish) :D<br>cute !!!
Love the outfit! I like the color of the walls! Thanks for sharing.<br>Sunshiine
Thanks. I think it turned out pretty simple and cute!
Penolopy &ndash; I believe you when you say that you have orange walls in your home, but what I can't get over is how <u>bright red</u> your eyes are in some of these photos!... And a lovely shade of red it is;-) Cute costume!
Yeah, I guess I forgot to fix the red eye. But it goes well with the outfit I think :)
Cutie who likes anime? +10 good job making a simple and accurate costume :)

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