Introduction: Easy Winter Cap in Less Than 5minutes!

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This instructable is going to show you how to make a warm winter cap in less than 5minutes out of an old sweater.

Step 1: What You Need

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~ old sweater
~ pair of scissors

Step 2: Cut .. Cut .. Cut

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cut along the shoulder seam until you've gone all the way around

Step 3: Finished Product

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We are done!
Slip the widest part of the sleeve onto your head.
You will have alot of slack so you can tie it into a knot or just leave it alone.. it's a look ;)


CaseyCase (author)2009-01-30

I like it. Simple but clever!

yummahcupekakez (author)2009-04-07

are you a guy or a girl (no offense)

fishhead (author)2009-02-04

really fast and easy Maybe sew the edges?

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