Step 5: Placing the Shelter

If you notice a particular area the feral cat/cats like to hang out or regularly see them sleeping, this would be a good location to place the shelter. You want to make sure the shelter is facing away from the direction of the wind and is not close to any sort of danger.

The particular cat I built this for was sleeping next to a pile of old pallets by a wooded area. Image 1

As you can see in the image is another variation of the shelter my neighbor made. He used some fallen branches to weight down his shelter.

To encourage the feral cats to use their winter homes, I placed treats along their walking path leading towards and inside of the shelter. This technique worked for me the best!

I hope you all enjoyed this fast and easy Instructable! This is a great community project for kids, and all animal lovers alike!!! PLEASE post any images of your Easy Winter Cat Shelter, I'd love to hear some feedback or suggestions!!!!!!!!!!!
<p>Also used a remnant of cushioned thin mylar insulation on the inside of the cooler. Thanks!</p>
<p>I had an old pillow that I took apart and put in the gallon bags and used what was left over inside the shelter. Thanks for the great easy DIY project!!</p>
<p>please do not use plastic bags the cats may eat it. also the Styrofoam peanuts are edible. Thank y'all for helping these little souls</p>
I made this today for my cat. He immediately went in and is currently using it. Thanks!
<p>Please don't use Hay, use STRAW. Hay gets moldy and when wet won't keep them warm. Also, if it's going to get damp or wet, do not use any fabric. The best Styrofoam coolers for this are the free ones that meat and medicines come in. My vet saves me some and I get others donated from a hospital.</p><p>I couldn't upload a photo, but the community cats really like these. </p>
<p>This may sound like a really silly question but I have never had cats before so I'm not sure what the answer is. How do you clean this as it's duct-taped together and will feral/stray cats use this as a litterbox as well as a shelter? Thanks. =)</p>
<p> They use it as a shelter from the cold...they go outside to the bathroom..they would never go in their shelter...</p>
<p>The only thing I worry about in my neighborhood is that the skunks would it take over as shelter. Have you had issues with skunks and if so did they take over your shelter for the cats? I also have a dog that is really bothered by stray cats and any animals it drives her crazy to see animals near our house but we still feed at least 2 of the stray cats. My dog has been sprayed by skunks 6 times in the last 5 years because she does not animals in our yard or she is stupid(I am trying not to call her stupid because I love her so much). I really do not want to find a skunk in the shelter I make for our beautiful stray cats.</p>
<p>FYI-in case you haven't heard this one&hellip;&hellip;If your dog has been sprayed by a skunk,Get some Massengil Douche (Unscented).Dilute w/water and soak your dog with this and leave on. Learned this from a professional groomer and IT DOES WORK!</p>
<p>My correction-leave douche mixture on dog for 15 minutes,then rinse and follow with a bath.</p>
<p>I would say there is no guarantee that other animals would use it as a warm spot, but most likely if they smell that another animal has been in there, they might not go in. I have one in my yard that one cat has been using since last winter and other cats do not go in it.</p>
<p>Do you have skunks in your area? This is the main reason I am afraid to spend the money on this thing, is that skunks or other wildlife that you do not want the cats to inter act with would use it and the cats would not be able to use it!</p>
<p>Cats won't urinate or poop where they eat or sleep. They are very clean that way.</p>
<p>The duct tape it may hold. I like the one with the container inside another. but they'll go outside to do their business. cats won't poop</p><p> where they sleep!</p>
<p>Most cats will not urinate or defecate in their living areas, so it shouldn't really be a problem.</p>
<p>I've never seen a cat use it's shelter for a litter box, as long as it's not trapped in there.</p>
<p>fleece might work but blankets stay wet, if not straw what else could I use?</p>

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