Step 5: Placing the Shelter

Picture of Placing the Shelter
If you notice a particular area the feral cat/cats like to hang out or regularly see them sleeping, this would be a good location to place the shelter. You want to make sure the shelter is facing away from the direction of the wind and is not close to any sort of danger.

The particular cat I built this for was sleeping next to a pile of old pallets by a wooded area. Image 1

As you can see in the image is another variation of the shelter my neighbor made. He used some fallen branches to weight down his shelter.

To encourage the feral cats to use their winter homes, I placed treats along their walking path leading towards and inside of the shelter. This technique worked for me the best!

I hope you all enjoyed this fast and easy Instructable! This is a great community project for kids, and all animal lovers alike!!! PLEASE post any images of your Easy Winter Cat Shelter, I'd love to hear some feedback or suggestions!!!!!!!!!!!
katieboop2 years ago
There aren't many feral cats in my area, I've only seen one or two. I do, however, have several bunnies in my yard that keep crawling under my car when it snows. Maybe they'll like a shelter? I'm going to make a couple of these from some Omaha Steaks shipping coolers I have laying around, thanks for the idea!
This is my project for tomorrow. I've just moved to an area where a cat is left out all night and the UK is smothered in snow, and will be for some weeks. I can't take the cat in (badly allergic) but it begs at my door (I think the previous person who lived here used to let it in) and it's been upsetting me. I never even thought of this sort of solution until I saw this idea. If the cat doesn't use it, we have an urban fox I've been feeding, so thanks a lot.