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Nice job. Very clear.

Fwiw, male carpenter bees don't have stingers...they're the aggressive ones that fly at you all the time. The females DO have a stinger, but the seem to be more concerned with finding a place to drill in (or reusing a previous year's hole) and lay eggs.

They make a 1/2" hole, so a little sevin dust and a 1/2" dowel from the home center will take care of the larva as they hatch (dehydrates them) and plug the hole. Yeah, I have a log home too. :)
katweeks1 year ago
Thanks for the info. One question tho....what sized hole do you drill in the bottom??
triumphman (author)  katweeks1 year ago
Anywhere from 1/2 " to 3/4 " should do it !
This world already has a Bee shortage, may I suggest live capture.
Carpenter bees are neither endangered, nor are they serious pollinators. Nonetheless, I'm big softy, so I'll catch 'em and let them the home of someone who annoys me.
triumphman (author)  CEVMarauder1 year ago
I knew someone had the truth! Thanks softy guy!
triumphman (author)  Iron Cowbell2 years ago
antioch1 year ago
Big softies rule!
triumphman (author) 1 year ago
Beeeeee nice!