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    Nice job. Very clear.

    Fwiw, male carpenter bees don't have stingers...they're the aggressive ones that fly at you all the time. The females DO have a stinger, but the seem to be more concerned with finding a place to drill in (or reusing a previous year's hole) and lay eggs.

    They make a 1/2" hole, so a little sevin dust and a 1/2" dowel from the home center will take care of the larva as they hatch (dehydrates them) and plug the hole. Yeah, I have a log home too. :)

    Thanks for the info. One question tho....what sized hole do you drill in the bottom??

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    Anywhere from 1/2 " to 3/4 " should do it !

    Carpenter bees are neither endangered, nor are they serious pollinators. Nonetheless, I'm big softy, so I'll catch 'em and let them the home of someone who annoys me.

    I knew someone had the truth! Thanks softy guy!

    Big softies rule!