Picture of Easy Wooden pipe you can make in hours!
Hello my good friends I have brought to you a way to make a beautiful wooden pipe with ease. 
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Step 1: Design and rough cut

Picture of Design and rough cut
I know its tempting to just start cutting the wood but its good to have a design so you know where you going with your piece. Draw a couple of sketches on some paper and when you think you got it, transfer it to your wood. This was my design after I cut it. notice how i drew the bowl at a sharp angle? This allows the pipe to stand upright when its hanging your mouth.

after you design it give your pipe a rough cut around the general area you made with your maker. don't cut right on the line leave your self some room. It helps to leave it angler for when you cut it in half.

Step 2: Cut it in half

Next you need get your band saw or hand saw and slice your pipe right down the middle. Once you have your two halfs route out the center on both sides. Make sure you leave an edge at least and 1/8 of an inch for glue all the way around. This step is primarily for the STEM ONLY. if you try to dig out the bowl now it will get screwed up and wont be even.  We do this because it would be difficult to drill out that curve with drill bits, so if you make two halfs and cut semi circles the possibilities are endless!

Once you have finished and sanded the insides smooth, dampen one side, spread wood glue, and clamp the pieces together for at least 12 hours depending on the glue. I believe the glue used sets in 3 hours and cures in 24. This is not a step you want to rush, for you will be putting a lot of stress on the wood when you round it. In the mean time you can work on the mouth piece.
(sorry no pictures, I forgot to snap them for this step. Look for an update soon:) 

Markush420 (author) 2 years ago
Very beautiful! You should enter this into the Holiday Gifts Contest!
artworker2 years ago
Beautiful! Will make for my dad!