Easy Yeast Rolls

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Step 7: Bake Rolls

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Remove the damp towel and bake at 375 degrees F for 14 to 17 minutes or until the rolls are slightly golden brown.  The color will be very subtle so make sure you do not over cook.

Serve warm with butter.
Very yummy!!!

ibrk4men8 months ago

Second time I made them... .Wonderful..! I appreciate this site, thank you.

tclark44910 months ago
Made these rolls today (Thanksgiving). Delicious! My husband told me I could make them as often as I'd like, and other family members were also very complimentary. Thank you for a simple, yet delicious, recipe. I will be making them again.
curlacher1 year ago
I love this web site, I have been to many sites but I love how you have broken down the process and posted pictures. I am a visual learner and this is a great help. I take lap top in kitchen and have it right there to refrence if I need it. The easy rolls are awesome. A great one to use when starting out making bread and what every new bride should have. Keep up the great site.