Easy Zippo Trick Steal Flame and Return





Introduction: Easy Zippo Trick Steal Flame and Return

Here is a quick and easy trick that you can do with any zippo styled lighter with a quick modification.

Step 1: Check Out the Video

Check out my Youtube channel for the video and don't forget to Subscribe i make weekly videos:

Step 2: Modification

All you need to do for this trick is to slightly bend your wick towards the lid this will allow the flame to stay under the wick once you have deprived the top of the lighter with your finger.

Step 3: Doing It

Ok now simply swipe your hand or fingers accross the lighter to deprive the flame of air (bending lighter sideways helps) and to bring back flame simple blow air with your mouth or shake the lighter gently and the flame will re appear.

Careful not to burn your self! And remember all it needs is a small amount of air so doing it outdoors might not be so easy if its windy..



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