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I made an easy bracelet out of aluminum wire my grandpa had. It looks great!  

At least two strands of aluminum in our case, you can add copper too!

Vice grips (to add less pressure to the wire)
anvil (with a horn to bend it around and possibly flatten out the wire after the bending is done)
Hammers (rubber, and a standard hammer)
Pliers (like needle nose, side cutters, dikes)
Files (coarse, medium, small)

What we did is we took three strands of the wire, put it in vice grips, then in the vice, and braided very tightly. Then we left some wire at the end to twist two strands clockwise, then the last one counter-clockwise, and finally twisted the three wires clockwise again. Then, we did the same to the other side. We then flattened out imperfections in the braid, then flattened it with the rubber hammer on the anvil. We flattened the ends a little with the standard hammer. Next, we filed the ends until smooth, remember, a little at a time. We took the braided strip, and shaped it with the horn of the anvil by bending, and using the rubber hammer to round it a little.

It should look very nice!  Thank you for reading this! If you liked it, please subscribe, favorite, and comment. If you don't get something, please give me positive criticism!

*****EDIT: When I said flatten, I really meant straighten!!*****


HammE (author)2014-01-17

I hope you guys liked my Instructable, I'm really sorry my pictures are so crude!

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