April Fools Day is here! Are you ready to prank someone? Are you ready to be pranked?

This is the perfect prank! It is easy to make, easy to set up, and if done correctly, will always work, at least for a few seconds.

The prank works by making your prankee think that his mouse is broken when it's not!

Basically the image below describes the whole prank; however I will describe it step by step.

NOTE: You'll have to forgive me but I'm not able to save image notes so I'll just write them down

In this picture:

A pranked mouse flipped upside down to reveal my awesome hand-drawn trollface! (nope, my printer didn't work)

Step 1: What You Need

You'll need:

- A person to prank (duh)
- Person above needs to have a mouse
- Printer
- Paper (pdf is A4)
- Humor

In the picture:

A mouse, must be laser type
My hand-drawn trollface
The pen I used
Random clutter (LOL)
<p>this is a really good prank also with a wireless mouse, change the plug with someone else's and watch them both be confused</p>
I did this one time to my brother with a sticky-note. He had no idea... xD
Me Gusta
I just had a thought, you mention that the mouse must be &quot;the LED&quot; type, but if you attach the paper correctly over the ball, a ball mouse will work just as well (the paper will keep the ball from rolling and thus the cursor from moving). :-)
Yes, that's why I didn't write anything about that :)
Um, forgive me my being picky, but in your list of &quot;parts&quot; you have this:<br> <br> A mouse, must be laser type<br> <br> :-)&nbsp; It doesn't really though....

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