Picture of Easy and Cheap Stylus!!
This a easy, cheap, and good-looking homemade stylus! It works on capacitive touchscreens (touchscreens you can only use your finger with), and the only downside is the sponge has to be slightly moist for it to work, however, it does not leave streak marks or hurt your screen!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
The materials you will need are in the picture!

Step 3: Wiring it up!

First, cut a strip of wire a little longer than the tube that you are using.

Wrap one of the stripped ends AROUND the sponge rectangle and use tape to secure it (regular tape works best)

Put the wire and sponge through the tube and pull the sponge up so that there's a little sticking out.

Finally, cut some tin foil out and wrap it around the tube with the sponge. MAKE SURE TO attach the other stripped end of the wire TO THE TIN FOIL!!!! Wrap electrical tape around the ends and wrap clear tape around the middle to keep it together!

Step 5: Enjoy!!!

Picture of Enjoy!!!
I hope this instructable has helped you or entertained you! Thanks for reading!