Introduction: Easy and Cheap Watercress Tower

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This is a super simple project that is great for putting on your porch or on your windowsill.

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Step 1: Materials

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You will need: a pair of scissors, a plastic quart yogurt container, and a watercress plant or watercress seeds.

Step 2:

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Cut holes in the sides of the yogurt container. You want them evenly spaced but even if it is not exact it will still look great.

Step 3:

Add potting mix to the yogurt container. Some may spill out the sides so do it in a place where it is ok to spill some of it. Along with the potting mix you may want to add some fertilizer of some kind as well well as some sort of filler If you want to save on potting mix.

Step 4:

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next you need to cut the watercress plant into pieces with a node on each one. At least with the watercress plant that I had, the nodes all had roots sprouting on them, but even if yours doesn't it still should sprout roots along the nodes once you put them in your tower.

Next tuck the cuttings into the dirt in the holes that are on the sides. You need to put the end of the cuttings in the soil where the cluster of leaves meets the main stem. If you don't want to bother with cuttings you can also just plant the seeds directly in the tower.

Finally you should water the container thoroughly and put the lid on. Have fun and don't forget to vote!!


snoop911 (author)2017-06-09

Is the watercress meant to be harvested regularly?

My local grocery store sells watercress with roots and all, but eating the leaves and planting the rest hasn't worked thusfar.. it always dies. I was thinking of planting it first in a jar, then eating the leaves, and hopefully it won't die on me!

once the plants grow you can harvest sprigs of the watercress withoit harming the plants.

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