Picture of Easy and Cheap airsoft Silencer
Just to warn you airsoft silencers dont actully silence the gun they ethier muffle the sound or its just for looks this one is both. The reason the silencers only muffle is because most of the noise is created within the gun so silencers cant make it completely silent 
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
The Materials youll need are...
  *A Peice of 3/4 in. pvc pipe
  *Straw from in-n-out or jack in the box
  *Foam insilation
  *Drill (Optional)
  *pvc Cutters
  *soda Cap (optinal
  *Packing Tape/electrical tape(packing works best)

Step 2: Cutting the pvc

Picture of Cutting the pvc
Cut the pvc to your desired length. cut the straw a little bit over the lengh of the pipe approx. 1/2 in.

Step 3: Inserting insilation

Picture of Inserting insilation
cut pieces of insulation that will fit around the straw. put one at a time and push it into the pipe as you go along until full.

Step 4: Taping the inserting part of the straw

Picture of Taping the inserting part of the straw
now tape the part that will go into the gun(note if the staw is allready snug skip this step)

Step 5: Putting the silencer into the gun

Picture of putting the silencer into the gun
to put the silencer into the gun put the part that is sticking out furtherinto the gun. if you have tape it will take some ajusting
SGT. Desert2 years ago
nice works great but i spray painted it unshiny black [ i made it 7 inches long and4 inches wide ]
great for snpierz
Capt. Kidd4 years ago
the black one is my Beretta Elite II 480 fps cool huh:)
Sorry to bring back a dead comment but thats not an airsoft gun, its a .177cal or 4.5mm airgun ment for target shooting.
thats what I was thinking
scheepw4 years ago
It looks awesome, but do you know if it works for a fairground shotgun?
airsoft1017 (author)  scheepw4 years ago
it should is it tri shot?
It is made to shoot one bullet, but I modded it so it should be able to shoot double. I don't think it's tri shot
you rock
nice!!! dude

hungyhipo 25 years ago
dude it does work with co2 because the noise is the escaping co2 I have a fake co2 silencer because my mom though if I make a real one it might be faulty and I will blow my hand off (blow my hand off is just exajeration).
my co2 paintball gun is pretty quieted now after i affixed a modfied one of these to the end
I made a co2 pistol silencer and it worked surprisingly well. Not to mention I still have both my hands.
nice pretty funny

airsoft1017 (author)  hungyhipo 25 years ago
Im not sure i havent tested it with co2 but if want to see one meant for co2 click on this link
By Jrad787 it's pretty cool!
Thx for veiweing this instructible
 That's in M4 ?
There is more than one type of M4 :P Thats M4505 not M4A1.
thats what the box says