Just to warn you airsoft silencers dont actully silence the gun they ethier muffle the sound or its just for looks this one is both. The reason the silencers only muffle is because most of the noise is created within the gun so silencers cant make it completely silent 
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Step 1: Materials

The Materials youll need are...
  *A Peice of 3/4 in. pvc pipe
  *Straw from in-n-out or jack in the box
  *Foam insilation
  *Drill (Optional)
  *pvc Cutters
  *soda Cap (optinal
  *Packing Tape/electrical tape(packing works best)

Step 4: Taping the inserting part of the straw

now tape the part that will go into the gun(note if the staw is allready snug skip this step)