Introduction: Put Flash Video (YouTube) on Your IPod or Other Video Capable MP3 Player

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This instructable is totally free. I will show you how to easily download and convert web video (flash video) using safe and free software into an iPod or mp3 player friendly format.

NOTE: I am NOT LIABLE if you violate any copyright laws downloading web video.

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Step 1: Get the New Realplayer to Download Web Video

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I have found this to be the easiest, and best way to rip flash video from the web:

Go to and download and install the new RealPlayer.

Step 2: Rip the Flash Video

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Once you have installed Realplayer, go to a web page with flash video on it (i.e. YouTube or Google vidoes), and just hover your mouse over the video. You will then see a little "Download This Video" button pop up above the video and just click it! It is that simple!


You could simply right click the video and at the very bottom of the list you will see a button that says "Download This Video To RealPlayer.

Step 3: Get MoviePod

Picture of Get MoviePod

Once the flash video has been downloaded you can now view it offline by opening RealPlayer, clicking on "My Library", and then "Downloads and Recordings."

But that's not all!

To convert the video to an iPod friendly format I used MoviePod for Windows (they also have it for Mac): Go here and download and install the trial* version of MoviePod.
*It says "trial" version but I have had no problems and there have been no limitations with the software.

Step 4: Convert the Flash Video

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Once you have downloaded and installed the free version of MoviePod, open MoviePod. Do not click "Add Movie" for adding flash video because for some reason it cannot find your file.


Simply drag and drop the flash video file (location: "Documents"-"Videos"-"RealPlayer Downloads") you downloaded onto MoviePod and it will automatically start converting the file to MP4 file format, which is compatible with iPod and most other video capable players.

Step 5: The Easiest Step! Syncing Your IPod!

Picture of The Easiest Step!  Syncing Your IPod!

This is the easiest step. Just plug in your iPod, and sync that new video! This process also worked for syncing YouTube video to my Sandisk Sansa e260.

This process should work for any website that streams flash video in an unprotected format. So go try out your newly found skill!

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TomasYoung (author)2011-03-24

you need a downloader, there is a preview of a nice tool;contentBody;1n
you can download youtube video and make it playable for mp3 player

nevillespat (author)2010-08-23

Well guys , I actually don't see what's so hard to convert flash for ipod, mp3 player or cell phone or whatever since there are many apps that can convert flash, of course not all of them do the job right or in good quality.

I for one have been using Tunebite to convert flash for my ipod since long time ago. The flash conversion runs smoothly with Tunebite plus I get some great quality files after I convert flash with this app.
Maybe it will also come in handy for others as well.

mike!!! (author)2010-04-23


loopygoter (author)2008-02-15

does this work for Mp3s like sandisk and samsung?

uk_060 (author)loopygoter2010-01-05

 My method will work Guarantee 

jamnoopers (author)loopygoter2008-02-16

Yes it will just as long as your player will support .mp4 video files.

madiah (author)2008-03-27

ok when i try to install the moviepod program its asking to download something else 1st????

uk_060 (author)madiah2010-01-05

Friends i recommend Pazera converters they have wide range but totally free
Pazera Free Video To Ipod Converter Available on and for downloading Youtube videos use this site ( or ( as they offer mp4 format to download so no more converting is needed but some videos can't be downloaded in mp4 may be deu to network problem try again or simply download and convert with Pazera oh this converter convert videos for all apple ipod any generation and iphone toooo and may be more discover it by your self bye wish you good luck.

uk_060 (author)uk_0602010-01-05

 Sorry i Forgot you can even convert videos for your Mp4(not apple) using same software normally every Mp4 player support 320x240 resolution so try it or try higher resolution if video doesn't stuck then use higher one if it stuck then use lower one .

anita379 (author)2008-07-21

i done the step 4 but i cant drag the video to moviepod seem keep ask me to regester and everytime i clip on the regester then im stuck can you help pls

Hatari151 (author)anita3792009-08-01

when it says register and u click on another windon and ur stuck u have to minimize everything u have open and u will see the register thing always click later unless u want to register it all depends on u also u need RealPlayer to download videos directly from Youtube any further questions just ask

got2bsweet95 (author)anita3792009-01-20

ummm you posted this a while ago.. and i have the same problem that you have... is there any way to fix it? thanks :)

jamnoopers (author)got2bsweet952009-01-24

Hi, sorry I didn't see your comment anita379.

I'm not sure why you are having this problem. A simple solution would just be to use a different program. Here is an free .flv converter program that I found. I haven't used it myself, but it looks pretty decent:


daiatlus79 (author)2009-06-10

if you wanna do it software free for youtube vids do this:
take a youtube address like
then insert 'pwn' between the www. and
then select mp4 high quality.
there ... no installing..
but for any other site i find that the Sothink Web Video Downloader works fine..
but if the video does not quite work, then go to works great too if you wanna go the route of little software installation

ozzymeyer (author)2009-04-23

this is sweet.

hobzez (author)2009-03-29

i downloaded the realplayer thing but it doesnt say download this video

phillyohio (author)2009-01-28

When I drag to moviepod, it says cannot convert. Help!

zeekman116 (author)2008-11-04

i cant find where to find the "trial" version. does anyone know???

firestormcomputers (author)2008-08-07

damn it i thot i only knew this
i made this video stole the idea from CNET too

yerfdog123 (author)2008-08-04

i have the stuff downloaded but how do you drag from another page to moviepod please help!

WTHAI (author)2008-06-23

A much simpler, easier method: TubeTV.

cyberviper42 (author)2008-06-06

For mac users, i suggest using It will download videos (some) in .mp4 format, and others in .flv. If you get an flv file, download iSquint and convert it. iSquint also works for avi movies as well

Bartboy (author)2008-05-27

or, If using a mac with safari, just (cmd option a) click then that will open a menu. go to the youtube page and double click on largest file. Then download Isquint.

coolz (author)2008-04-06

I had to use "Add Video" because I couldn't drag and drop

kjrviking (author)2008-03-25

Just go to and download the free youtube to ipod converter.
Lot less downloading and works w/ psp.
for other video players just run the vid. through the video converter that should come w/ the software.

chingchong (author)2008-03-03

Just go to and it will put the video in the format you select and then download it.

reeding (author)chingchong2008-03-03

vixy doesnt always work

ultrauber (author)2008-02-26

I'm so glad this works for the sansa! i don't see why so many people buy the more expensive ipods, cause the sansa's better. great instructable, +1

godzilla1.0 (author)2008-02-07

hey i am having trouble with the drag and drop because when i dowload the movies they dont go to the reelplayer downloads?? can u help me???

gamerguy13 (author)2007-12-08

How do you convert ivr files? Moviepod won't do it. Please Help!!!

jamnoopers (author)gamerguy132007-12-08

What is an "ivr" file? I have never heard of that, I don't know what program would convert.

gamerguy13 (author)jamnoopers2007-12-10

ivr (internet video recording) files are what realplayer downloads some cartoons as. I'm trying to put them on my iPod.

cry_wolf (author)gamerguy132007-12-28

Use SUPER to convert it. Just google SUPER video converter. Its free and effective!

gamerguy13 (author)cry_wolf2008-01-03

Their website does not say that it supports .ivr files. Are you positive it will work?

cry_wolf (author)gamerguy132008-01-04

Well i do not have a video Ipod, but last time i checked, they had an Ipod option, along with a PSP option for converting.

gamerguy13 (author)cry_wolf2008-01-09

Where on their site do you actually download the "SUPER video converter?" There's just a bunch of links to different sites with different converters.

technodude92 (author)cry_wolf2008-01-07

try it... sometimes a program will not say something is supported but it actually does. and if not. try changing the extension to .flv

Uru Wolf (author)2008-01-06

There is a nifty little plugin for FireFOx somehwere that lets you download embedded content in web pages. I have found this execlent for snagging those youTube vids -_

technodude92 (author)Uru Wolf2008-01-07

if you mean video downloader. yes it is very easy to do but I don't like using sites like that. it spersonal really. i feel more acomplished when i look for it in the cache, download it, and then convert it using my command line based converter. call me old school...

shotgun2078 (author)2008-01-03

this is awesome tahnks 4 the info u almost saved my life!~

jamnoopers (author)shotgun20782008-01-04

Cool. Thanks!

jamnoopers (author)2008-01-03

YAY, my 80 gb iPod classic is coming in tomorrow! :D Anyways, hope everyone enjoys this instructable Have a nice day!

ninja_101 (author)2007-09-27

'What happened to the "index of method" on here? It was my fav.

jamnoopers (author)ninja_1012007-09-30

index of method?

ninja_101 (author)jamnoopers2007-10-01

Yea..its some kind of code that you just put in at and you get any song you want for free. It was on this site but i guess it got removed.

jamnoopers (author)ninja_1012008-01-02

Hey! I found that "index of" method you were talking about! It works great! I just thought you might want it...if you sill need it. :p

its located here at tech recipes

have a nice day!!

jamnoopers (author)ninja_1012007-10-01

Interesting. Well, if you find, please tell me! Thanks

Keith-Kid (author)2007-12-29

is there a good alternative for moviepod? my comp sez i need NET. Framework or something. I don't wanna look for that so, any good SAFE! alternatives?


jamnoopers (author)Keith-Kid2007-12-31

Needs .NET Framework???

Thats strange, I don't know why it needs that. Try searching on CNet's to find free conversion software. All of their downloads are safe and spyware free.

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